Alibaba Cloud Offers DBaaS for Businesses for Cloud Native Indian Market

Alibaba Cloud Offers DBaaS for Businesses in a Cloud Native Era

Alibaba Cloud Group has recently launched its Database-as-a-Service offering for real-life applications in the Indian market.

Alibaba Cloud’s POLARDB, a next-generation relational database as a service offers a fully managed cloud-hosted database facility with benefits around resilience and performance. POLARDB is also compatible with MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle databases. The offering supports up to 100TB of data.

The POLARDB played a very crucial role in the success of the recently concluded Alibaba Group 11.11 global shopping festival. Alibaba Cloud-powered US$1billion of Gross Merchandise Value in 68 Seconds. POLARDB processed over 87million requests per second, and supported the analytics that was generated by customer activity in real-time, notes the announcement.

Executive Opinion

VP of Alibaba Group, President and Senior Fellow of Database Systems, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, Dr. Feifei Li, said, "As businesses cater to users in a cloud-led internet age, the need for cloud-native databases that are elastic, available, intelligent, and secure will only continue to grow. We believe the value proposition of POLARDB and AnalyticDB will be extremely useful in the Indian context as more users come online, and businesses cater to their needs."

General Manager of Alibaba Cloud South Asia, Alex Li, said, "Given India’s business environment, it is essential for companies to have access to reliable, cost-efficient but high-performance cloud computing infrastructure in order to scale. This is also critical in building up India’s future digital capabilities. With the local and global drive for Digital Transformation continues to be on top of organizations’ agenda, Alibaba Cloud hopes to equip the local businesses with the right technology to win the global race in the future."

More about the Alibaba Cloud Infrastructure

It will help the system to bounce back quickly from hardware failure, which is much more important in supporting users' online activities in real-time. The fault-tolerant nature of POLARDB enables high availability to support real-time business activities, notes the announcement.

Alibaba says that its solutions will help the customers to meet their growing digital demands. It’s cheap and flexible cloud solutions are targeted towards companies in the gaming, media, eCommerce, and e-learning segments.
Alibaba Group has invested in multiple startups in India, such as Zomato and Paytm. These companies have also migrated to Alibaba cloud post-investment.

Apart from the POLARDB, Alibaba Cloud also provides other database products, including MongoDB and OceanBase, to customers such as Paytm. According to a report, Alibaba Cloud is the largest public cloud provider in the Asia Pacific region.

Just a few days back, Alibaba Cloud has partnered with India based ZNet Technologies, a cloud distributor offering cloud infrastructure and managed services for the distribution of its cloud infrastructure and managed service in India.

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