OPPO, Ericsson launch Lab to boost Adoption of 5G Technology

OPPO, Ericsson launch lab to boost adoption of 5G

Ericson recently partnered with the Chinese smartphone market Oppo to establish a joint lab in Shenzhen, China, to focus on the 5G innovation.

The companies will now be going to combine their 5G experience to help accelerate large scale global deployment of the 5G, says the announcement.

Previously, both the companies had signed a global patent agreement. Till the third quarter of the year 2018, both the companies had been running a joint venture 5G Test on the Oppo 5G smartphone and Ericsson 5G infrastructure with the help of a local operator in China, Sweden, and Germany. This is a part of an effort to accelerate the commercial availability of 5G products, notes the announcement.

Ericsson has also claimed to have more than 70 commercial 5G agreements with the unique communication service provider, out of which 22 are on the live networks.

Executive Opinion

President of OPPO’s Software Engineering, Andy Wu,  said, "We are very excited to launch our 5G joint lab with Ericsson. The initiative leverages Ericsson’s advantages in 5G network and infrastructure technologies and its global operator channels with OPPO’s experience and expertise in 5G standards development, technologies, products and application scenarios. We will work together to embrace the challenges and opportunities ahead in the 5G era in order to provide better 5G products and experiences for consumers around the world."

Vice President and Head of Networks Market Area North-East Asia, Ericsson, Luca Orsini, said, "This partnership is of highly strategic importance for both Ericsson and OPPO. It will contribute to the diversity of the 5G ecosystem and benefit from the agility of both companies to bring new use cases and customer value to the market."

More on the 5G development

Previously, both the Ericsson and Oppo have worked together with Swisscom and, California based semiconductor company Qualcomm to become the first in Europe to launch the commercial 5G.

Last month, Nokia and Wipro joined the hands to develop the 5G use cases for accelerating technology adoption.

The next-gen wave of the technology growth, from the autonomous vehicles to the internet of things powered homes that are being relied on the commercial 5G technology to take off.

The Huawei, another player in the 5G war, is facing a trade blacklist in the US. This has even left the Ericsson and Finland based Nokia as the front runners in the space of 5G technology.

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