Samsung SDS teams with Tech Mahindra & Pega for Blockchain Solution

Samsung teams with Tech mahindra & Pega for blockchain  solution

Samsung SDS has recently revealed that it has partnered with the Pega and Tech Mahindra to launch a blockchain traceability solution.

Founded in 1985, Samsung SDS is a subsidiary of Samsung Group providing information technology services. Tech Mahindra was founded in 1988 and also a provider of information technology services worldwide.

The trio also aims to integrate the Pega platform with the Samsung SDS NexLedger Universal and increase the efficiency of a host of business processes.

The Pega platform offers Robotic Process Automation (RPA) that helps in reducing back-office transactions. The platform replaces manual labor with bots.

In 2017, Samsung SDS developed Nexledger as an enterprise blockchain platform that is flexible and scalable to deliver use cases specific to enterprise requirements.  Nexledger has capabilities to combine various customized features on Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum. Developers can choose from various blockchain core technologies and consensus algorithms such as NCA (Nexledger Consensus Algorithm), Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum.

Executive Opinion

Vice President of Blockchain Team, Samsung SDS America, Ted Kim, said, "Partnering with Tech Mahindra for their industry and technology know-how, and Pega for their adaptive and robust DPA solutions, Samsung Nexledger™ Universal has been able to address some as yet unresolved challenges inherent in operating in the global marketplace, especially around warranty, authenticity, recovery and customer satisfaction. Together, we are demonstrating that trusted, immutable, distributed, and decentralized Blockchain and Digital Process Automation are a dynamic, powerful combination for unearthing hidden value in Business Value chains."

Vice President, Global Head – Digital Solutions and Pega Practice, Natesh Parameswaran, said, "Along with our Global strategic partners, Pega and Samsung SDS, we are excited to launch a Digital Solution that enables seamless alignment of people, systems, and products through a business process-driven digital ecosystem. By bringing together the best in class capabilities of the Pega Digital Process Automation and the Samsung SDS blockchain platforms, we are demonstrating a business process and business model innovation possibilities for organizations that are looking to break internal siloes and collaborate with external partners and suppliers seamlessly, to deliver differentiated value to their end customers."

Tech Mahindra, Samsung SDS and Blockchain Technology

The partnership is unique as both the NexLedger and Pega are engaged in automating business processes to reduce both the time and cost.

The main aim of integrating the two is to transform supply chains, create a reliable network, and increase accountability. Tech Mahindra has worked with the Samsung SDS and Pega before and will offer technical support for the development of the blockchain traceability solution.

Samsung SDS has been active in developing blockchain technology for various use cases, as well as the underlying technology stack. Previously, it has launched Accelerator software for speeding up Hyperledger fabric transactions by up to ten times.  Samsung SDS also identified various use cases such as a co-verification system for banks, maritime logistics, export customs services, product design and manufacturing process information management of manufacturers, smart contracts, and etc.

One of the focus areas of the Samsung SDS is blockchain interoperability. It is developing an export customs logistics services for the Korean Customs Services.  Another interoperability project of the Samsung SDS is the partnership with the ABN Amro and Port of Rotterdam on a blockchain trade initiative, DELIVER.

In April, Samsung SDS and Tech Mahindra announced their collaboration to promote Samsung SDS's Nexledger blockchain platform in the Indian and global market.

In August, Tech Mahindra and BlockApps announced their partnership to accelerate the adoption of blockchain business networks. In the same month, Tech Mahindra collaborated with the Adjoint to offer a blockchain solution for the insurance and financial management services.

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