Opera Browser adds Bitcoin and Tron Payment Support for Android

Opera Browser Adds Bitcoin and Tron Payment Support

Opera announced support for Bitcoin (BTC) to its browser integrated crypto wallet. The users can now interact and make payments in the Bitcoin directly with the help of the Opera browser (version 5) on Android.

Previously, the Opera browser's crypto wallet only supported Ethereum and ERC-tokens.

Company Opinion

In a blogpost, Opera said, "In addition to our existing support for Ethereum (ETH), version 54 is introducing support for Bitcoin (BTC), the world’s most popular crypto currency. You can now choose to add a Bitcoin card to your wallet, making it possible to send and receive money from the web."

Opera's GA support for Bitcoin in Crypto Wallet 

In July, Opera introduced a beta version of its Opera browser to allow users to send and receive Bitcoin (BTC) and TRON blockchain network tokens. The users were allowed to view their transaction history as well. The beta release also introduced the integration of web3 support that allowed websites to request and receive addresses and allowed users to make crypto transactions on the web.

Web 3 technologies refer to the intersection of cryptocurrencies, blockchains and distributed systems that extend the use of web such as peer-to-peer payments among users.

With official support, users can expect more robustness in transferring and receiving the bitcoin directly from the Opera browser. Users can add a Bitcoin card to their Crypto wallet in the browser.

The company also stated that they have introduced support for the Tron blockchain and Tron DApps.

In July, the Opera Touch browser on iOS offered in-built support for the Crypto wallet. Thus iOS users can also expect Bitcoin support in their Opera's Crypto wallet in the future as the company has a history of slowly rolling out features to the iOS platform.

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