AI-based Live Sense SDK from HERE to help Drivers

HERE Launches AI-based Live Sense Software Development Kit

HERE Technologies, a location and mapping platform service company, recently revealed the availability of the AI-powered HERE Live Sense SDK (software development kit).

The Beta version of SDK  is designed to allow drivers to make informed decisions about driving conditions, road infrastructure without the cloud processing or need for connectivity. The HERE Live Sense SDK is crafted for drivers and is available for automotive & HW OEMs, fleet and ride-hail operators and app developers.

HERE Live Sense SDK helps turn any devices with the front-facing cameras, such as the vehicle cameras, dashcams, and smartphones, into a highly intelligent vehicle sensor. The SDK leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies to achieve these objectives in real-time, notes the announcement.

Executive Opinion

Angel Mendez, Chief Operating Officer at HERE Technologies, said, "Driver safety is paramount in everything we do. Today there are still millions of commercial and passenger cars on the roads without the necessary technology to keep drivers informed about potential hazards. The HERE Live Sense SDK will help to change that. It detects objects, behavioral changes, and road conditions that can lead to such situations and notifies drivers in time to take action."

HERE Live Sense SDK and AI/ML 

Devices can then easily be able to detect the objects based on the pedestrians, road or cyclists, road infrastructures such as the road signs and traffic lights, and potential hazards such as road closures, potholes, and construction zones.

HERE Live Sense SDK offers information via both the visual and audio notifications. These notifications will help the driver to make an informed decision of which action needs to be taken next. It also can detect the changes in reality versus the onboard map to keep the drivers informed of a change in the speed limit.

According to the announcement, HERE Live Sense SDK uses the multiple Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning detection models, which includes the:
  • Road Basics: Classification and Detection of the objects on the road.
  • Road Hazards: Classification and detection of some of the hazards along the way.
  • Road alerts: Notification and recognition of pedestrians, braking vehicles, and bicycle detection.
  • Road Signs: Classification and Detection of speed limits.
As of now, the HERE Live Sense SDK is available for the Beta version of Android. The iOS support is coming soon.

HERE also noted in the announcement that the company is working with the customers on the first commercial implementations of the SDK.

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