Tech Mahindra launches GAiA 2.0 to expedite AI/ML Adoption among Enterprises

Tech Mahindra launches GAiA 2.0 to expedite AI/ML adoption

Tech Mahindra recently announced the release of enterprise Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence lifecycle management platform GAiA 2.0, supported by the Acumos.

This will enable the comprehensive Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning-driven platform capabilities and services which can help in optimizing enterprise operations in the real-time across industry verticals.

It provides an enriched marketplace of numerous features and models. The platform helps enterprises across to build, manage, share, and deploy AI and ML-driven services and application, the announcement notes.

Executive Opinion

Manish Vyas, President, Communications, Media & Entertainment Business, and CEO, Network Services, Tech Mahindra, said, "GAiA 2.0 is a reinvention based on insights and feedback received for the initial version. We have now incorporated features such as Jupyter Notebook Integration, AutoML support, Model Validation, Security and Governance that add extremely high value to business transformation journey of an enterprise, by unlocking and delivering superior connected experiences. Tech Mahindra with proven expertise in leveraging digital technologies will help foster collaborative innovation by democratizing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning."

Jamil Chawki, Intrapreneur CEO, Orange AI Marketplace and Chairman of LF AI Outreach Committee, said, "The availability of vendor enterprise grade solution is a key element to accelerate the adoption of LF AI open source projects. GAiA, powered by the LF AI Acumos AI project, will help enterprises to publish AI models in a company catalog and deploy AI applications for any vertical use case. We are happy to see new features and tools in GAiA 2.0 such as security and model scoring, integration of Jupyter notebook, support of AutoML and the onboarding of new AI Deep Learning ONNX format."

Tech Mahindra's GAiA Platform

GAiA is an industrialized version of the open-source Acumos Platform. Acumos is co-created by the Tech Mahindra and AT&T and available under the LF AI foundation. The LF AI is the umbrella foundation of Linux Foundation to support the open-source innovation in Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and AI.

Tech Mahindra is participant in LF AI and one of the contributors to the Acumos project. The GAiA is based on Acumos release, code named Boreas.

GAiA 2.0 supports most of the commonly used AI/ML development frameworks and toolkits. The company will also offer some other professional services to help enterprises like platform setup and deployment.

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