Radio Wave Based Blockchain System is Now Possible With “The Enigma Chip”

Gopher Protocol has partnered with Costa Rica based Wise Network S.A.

Gopher specializes in the creation of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence, enabling mobile technologies. Gopher is filed a non-provisional patent covering a proprietary GRC Blockchain-Based Radio Generated Digital Currency.

Wise Network is affiliated with Global Blockchain Technologies (GBT). Wise is planning to launch its Enigma Chip that will use Gopher's licensed technology. As per the announcement, the Enigma chip is designed to deploy radio wave based Blockchain system, enabling real-time data handling for IoT and mobile domains at a big scale.

According to the announcement, GBT agreed to pay Gopher $5 million upon commencing an Initial Coin Offering (ICO).  Gopher will also receive 2% of gross revenue of licensed products sold by GBT under the license agreement for a period of five years after commencement of sales. Upon GBT commencing its ICO, Gopher will have the option of acquiring 30% of the ICO at a discount of 30% to the offering price.

Embedded software in the Enigma chip is designed to work using its private, secure network protocol. It can use Wi-Fi or Cellular networks to communicate with other Enigma ICs (Integrated Circuits). The microchip claimed to communicate via its own radio waves in a wide variety of frequencies. Radio wave communication can be done in locations where there are no cellular or Wi-Fi services. This will help in broadening IoT tracking of Blockchain-based assets globally.

Gopher’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Dr. Danny Rittman, will serve as Wise’s CTO to enhance Wise’s implementation of Gopher’s licensed technology.

Gopher’s Interim CEO, Douglas Davis, said, "We are excited to see the implementation of our technology platform into the Blockchain space in partnership with GBT and Wise. As we have stated before, Gopher is not a cryptocurrency or Blockchain company, but is a supplier of Asset Tracking IoT and Global Mesh Network technology that licensees can use to enhance their blockchain-based offerings. It is impressive to see how the talented folks at GBT and Wise are taking our IoT and AI technologies and implementing them into their Blockchain, creating value and use to the public. Their success, other than again proving our technology, may generate  income for Gopher per the terms of our License Agreement.”

The Enigma microchip also leverages Gopher’s Avant! AI for Blockchain management and security. Avant! AI designed to monitor and supervise blockchain system for network transactions in the blockchain maintained ledger. The AI system will inspect, verify and approve the transaction for its security, authenticity, and accuracy when fully developed. Once done, the transaction will be added to the ledger as a block.

Gopher Protocol is already integrating Avant! AI with its own Cryptocurrency GRC coin. They have already filed a patent to cover Proprietary GRC Blockchain-Based Radio Generated Digital Currency through their licensors.

An educational video released by Gopher and Wise is available at here.


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