Gopher Protocol integrating Avant! AI with its Cryptocurrency GRC coin

Gopher Protocol integrating Avant! AI with its Cryptocurrency GRC coin
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Gopher Protocol Inc. announced that the company now embedding its Avant! AI into its Gopher Protocol Coin, GRC.

Gopher specializes in the creation of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence, enabling mobile technologies. Gopher is filed a non-provisional patent covering a proprietary GRC Blockchain-Based Radio Generated Digital Currency.

Avant! AI will monitor and supervise blockchain system for network transactions in the blockchain maintained ledger. The AI system will inspect, verify and approve the transaction for its security, authenticity, and accuracy when fully developed. Once done, the transaction will be added to the ledger as a block. The same Avant! AI system will be now embedded as an integral part of Gopher's digital coin, the announcement said.

Gopher's CTO, Danny Rittman, said, "We will utilize Avant! AI features to ensure secured and accurate operation of our digital coin for the benefit of our users. Avant! will be supervising our distribution system to verify each transaction. Only when signed and verified by Avant!, will each transaction be added to the Blockchain as a block. We believe Avant! AI capabilities will ensure the ultimate security and efficiency verifying each exchange. Although our digital coin is a decentralized system, using Avant! cognitive capabilities will enable Blockchain behavior patterns study, intruder predictions/alerts and real time contingency plans in order to maintain tight security. As Avant! has been designed to  learn from its experience, with time, we believe it will have the capability to manage our digital coin Blockchain autonomously becoming the system's authority".

Avant! AI is designed for a wide variety of applications, among them Gopher digital coin, our GEO tracking system, MESH network operation, autonomous operation and overall control of Gopher's microchip technology.

Gopher Protocol has already filed a patent to cover Proprietary GRC Blockchain-Based Radio Generated Digital Currency through their licensors.

Gropher is an early stage startup and itself as Native IoT creator, developing  Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence enabled mobile technology. They plan to enable the creation of private networks among mobile devices using free radio frequencies and their proprietary microchip that can be installed in mobile devices worldwide.

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