AI powered Live Demo Assistant platform Demoleap secured $4.4 Million in funding


Demoleap, an Israel-based provider of AI-powered live demo assistant and sales discovery platform, has now secured $4.4 million in a funding round.

Demoleap was founded by Itay Sinuani. It is an AI-powered live demo assistant and sales discovery platform allowing sellers to follow the sales process in real-time throughout the live demo to close more deals. It enables sales representatives to continually apply the best practices and retain the critical training that sales leaders provide.

It integrates with any CRM, conferencing software, application and slide software without writing a line of code. The no-code builder lets users create demo playbooks in minutes, and every seller gets up and running in minutes.

The company has offices in Delaware, Israel, and Ireland.

Executive Opinion

Will Ibsen, VP of Sales at Maxio, said, "The more consistent your sales team can operate, the easier it is to improve, diagnose problems, and fix anything that's broken. Demoleap helps to drive that consistency while we scale. The more you can make your sales system into a revenue factory, the better the results."

Brett Queener, Partner at Bonfire Ventures, said, "Every day, every house, every minute, some poor prospect is suffering through yet another horrible product demo. Demoleap ensures in real time that every seller can confidently give an engaging and on-point demo. We believe that 'more better' demos is the single most effective lever for software companies to pull to improve their sales efficiency."

Demoleap's Latest Funding

The round was backed by Differential Ventures and Bonfire Ventures with participation from Ground Up and 25madison.

The company, as of now, has plans to use the new funds to recruit talent, continue to find ways to improve the sales process and bridge the technology gaps for the sales teams.
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