KLA Corporation launches AI Centre of Excellence in India

KLA Corporation

KLA Corporation is now increasingly expanding its presence in India and has now opened two new facilities new Chennai to boost its Research and Talent Development.

KLA Corporation is a pioneer in the manufacture, design, and marketing of yield management and process control system, which are used to reduce defects in semiconductors and related microelectronics.

Executive Opinion

Ahmad Khan, president, semiconductor process control at KLA, said, "KLA is at the forefront of using AI technology in our process control systems to identify and isolate critical issues in chip manufacturing. To expand the reach of AI in our products and develop the next generation of AI innovations, we created our new AI-ACL research facility. Our researchers and engineers at AI-ACL join the AI experts at our AI Modeling and Center of Excellence in Michigan to form a global team committed to advancing the boundaries of AI, software, image processing, and physics modeling."

Prof. Bhaskar Ramamurthy, Director of IIT Madras, said, "KLA and IIT Madras have been collaborating for over 15 years. We look forward to an expanded collaboration with KLA in AI, advanced parallel computing, and quantum computing research for applications in the semiconductor inspection and metrology domain. The IIT Madras Research Park ecosystem is a perfect enabler for such an industry with academic collaboration that is bringing together our resident experts, top student researchers, and the industry's best minds. I also congratulate KLA on the grand opening of its new office in RMZ Millenia-II today."

KLA Corporation's New facilities

The first such facility is an Artificial Intelligence Advanced Computing opened in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Technology – Madras to serve as a center of excellence for the AI-based R&D.

Apart from that, the company has opened a new office at the RMZ Millenia – II in Chennai to expand its operations and talent pool.

The company as of now deals with the latest advanced process control for manufacturing integrated circuits, wafers, packaging, printed circuit boards, and flat panel displays.

In the month of May this year, KLA created around $5.5 million India Pandemic relief fund to help the healthcare facilities procure equipment to fight against the pandemic.

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