What is Edge Location in AWS ?

AWS Edge Location

AWS edge location is a place where data is cached to provide low latency services to users of AWS services. These edge locations are present across major cities around the world. Often leveraged by CloudFront in AWS for distribution of content to users at the lowest possible latency. 

These AWS edge locations provide reliable, low latency, and high throughput network connectivity to the users. CloudFront in AWS is its content delivery network. 

CloudFront in AWS Edge locations is connected to the AWS Regions through the AWS network backbone. These network backbones are fully redundant and connected through multiple 100GbE parallel fiber connections.

What is the difference between an Edge Location and Availability Zone?

Both AWS edge Locations and AWS availability Zones are AWS Data Centers. As said above, the edge locations are primarily used for data caching purposes to reduce the overall latency for your application users thereby improving the overall user experience. The availability zones are physically separate data center locations in AWS Regions.

How many edge locations are there in AWS?

Amazon CloudFront leverages a global network of 225 plus Points of Presence. These include 215 plus AWS Edge locations and 12 regional mid-tier caches in 90 cities across 47 countries.

CloudFront in AWS ensures that it delivers the content, APIs, or applications with Transport Layer Security (TLSv1.3). It helps in encrypting and securing the communication among AWS service users and CloudFront. 

What is EDGE Lambda?

AWS Lambda@Edge is a part of Amazon CloudFront's offering. It allows you to run code closer to your application users. This greatly helps in improving overall application performance along with reduced latency thereby improving the user experience of your application. Due to serverless nature, you no longer required to provision compute resources and code runs based on AWS CloudFront generated events. 

How many AWS Edge Locations are there in India?

As of writing this post, in India, CloudFront in AWS is available at 21 AWS edge locations at Bengaluru (3), Hyderabad (3), Kolkata (2), Mumbai(4), New Delhi(5). Also, the Mumbai region hosts edge caches.

Additionally, Amazon recently announced a new AWS edge location launch at Jakarta (Indonesia), Zagreb (Croatia), and Bangkok (Thailand).

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