Telos Blockchain Platform introduces new DeFi Tool to Unlock Liquidity

Telos Blockchain

Telos has launched T-Bond NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), a fusion of DeFi and NFTs as a tool to unlock liquidity.

T-Bonds are built with DeFi allowing tokens to be locked into transferable Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Once the maturity conditions are met, the tokens are unlocked. 

Telos claims that these T-Bond NFTs are similar to U.S. Treasury Bonds or T-Bills. These bonds can be sold or traded on secondary markets for investment or as a yield hedge for tokens offering staking rewards.

Executive Opinion

Chief Architect of the Telos blockchain, Douglas Horn, said, "T-Bond NFTs offer a new and powerful option for any project seeking funding based on future technical achievement. Back in the ICO boom and continuing still, far too many projects have raised funds only to see their token plummet in value and community support dwindle. T-Bond NFTs create an ecosystem where projects can raise funds through investors, who in turn have the freedom to sell their NFTs on the secondary market without impacting the token price. This facilitates a vastly more sustainable model by harnessing the new synergy between DeFi and NFTs."

T-Bonds from Telos

The maturity conditions for T-bonds can be a specific date or can be an important milestone in the project lifecycle. The milestones cloud be the project’s testnet, mainnet, or other technical feature or even a specific token price. 

Buyers of T-Bonds can sell in supported secondary markets before their maturity date. T-Bond NFTs can become the basis of a new class of DeFi derivatives, notes the announcement.

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