Bitcoin Association launches Bitcoin SV Academy to promote Bitcoin education

Bitcoin SV

Bitcoin Association introduced an educational platform for Bitcoin. The platform will list academia-quality, university-style courses, and learning materials for Bitcoin.

Introductory Bitcoin courses will be free of charge, notes the announcement. The courses will be offered at intermediate and advanced levels.

Executive Opinion

Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen, said, "Education is a cornerstone of the work we do at Bitcoin Association, as we help businesses and individuals alike understand the Bitcoin system envisioned by Satoshi Nakamoto, and how Bitcoin SV is the only project implementing that Satoshi Vision. Bitcoin SV Academy will be a key component of that work moving forward, providing a platform to deliver a robust curriculum tailored to all levels of ability and knowledge, as we educate the world about just what’s possible with the power of the original Bitcoin protocol."

Technical Director of the Bitcoin SV Infrastructure Team, Steve Shadders, said, "The most important piece of infrastructure that Bitcoin can have is access and availability of education – not only does it broaden the pool of talent available to work and build with Bitcoin, but it also helps to spread awareness of what Bitcoin as an entire technology system can do and is truly capable of. The launch of Bitcoin SV Academy is a huge step forward in making meaningful change in this area – and having taken the first course myself, I can confirm that there really is something for everybody to learn in there."

Bitcoin SV's Bitcoin Education platform

Bitcoin courses are available online and it will cover Bitcoin theory, Bitcoin development, and Bitcoin infrastructure tracks.

The introductory Bitcoin Theory module stream is live. The Bitcoin Theory course covers Satoshi Nakamoto's Bitcoin system. The Bitcoin Development course empowers application developers with information on building with Bitcoin. It will also include tools and techniques for leveraging the unique features of the network. The Bitcoin Infrastructure course will cover the architecture of both the Bitcoin network and ledger.
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