Top 6 things to know about Amazon S3 at Amazon Outposts

AWS Outposts and S3

Amazon recently announced Amazon S3 availability at Amazon Outposts.

Amazon S3 is an object storage service that is secure, scalable, and lowcost data storage service. Previously, Amazon announced the availability of AWS Outposts, a fully managed service, to run AWS infrastructure and services at on-premise data centers. AWS Outposts enables on-premise users to leverage the same AWS APIs, control planes, tools, and hardware on-premises.

Executive Opinion

In a blog post, Principal Advocate at AWS, Martin Beeby, said, "Outposts are connected to an AWS Region and are also able to access Amazon S3 in AWS Regions, however, this new feature will allow you to use the S3 APIs to store data on the AWS Outposts hardware and process it locally. You can use S3 on Outposts to satisfy demanding performance needs by keeping data close to on-premises applications. It will also benefit you if you want to reduce data transfers to AWS Regions, since you can perform filtering, compression, or other pre-processing on your data locally without having to send all of it to a region."

Top 6 Capabilities to know

  1. Amazon S3 at Outposts now enables data residency scenarios.
  2. Existing S3 APIs can be used at Outposts with the help of a new S3 class named 'S3 Outposts'.
  3. Data stored will be encrypted using server-side encryption with SSE-S3. It is also possible to use your own encryption keys (SSE-C) with an encryption key as part of your object API requests.
  4. Outpost can support 48 TB or 96 TB of S3 storage capacity. Total buckets supported are 100 per Outposts.
  5. If existing EBS usage is less than 11TB then Outposts can add up to 48 TB S3 storage without any hardware changes.
  6. With AWS Datasync service, it is possible to transfer data from Outpost to S3 to a connected AWS region or vice versa.
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