Digitate, a TCS venture, launches ignio AI.Assurance, an Autonomous Assurance Product

Digitate, a TCS venture, launches ignio AI.Assurance, an Autonomous Assurance Product

TCS's software venture, Digitate announced the launch of ignio AI.Assurance product. The product allows enterprises to transform software testing and accelerate software release cycles.

ignio AI.Assurance leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to help teams with their manual testing methodologies, notes the announcement.

Executive Opinion

Global Head, Digitate, Akhilesh Tripathi, said, "While enterprises are embracing Agile and DevOps for faster software release cycles to meet customer expectations, 75% of the testing life cycle, especially the planning and design stages, continue to be manual and inefficient. The resultant leakage of undetected software quality issues into production and the reduced speed to market are costing businesses trillions of dollars. We saw an opportunity to use machine learning and context-aware AI to enable autonomous testing with comprehensive test coverage, catch defects early, and reduce quality-related rework. ignio AI.Assurance is the first enterprise product to address the long-standing industry need for 100% end-to-end test automation coverage throughout the lifecycle. With ignio AI.Assurance, enterprises can take their software to market faster, and reap unparalleled business benefits that come with agility, speed, and reliability in their software release cycles."

TCS's ignio AI.Assurance and Software Testing

The product helps in generating test scenarios as well as identifies the impact of changes in the application. The AI.Assurance is also capable of arranging the test scenarios based on on-screen workflow.

It also helps in adopting quality engineering practices for timely software releases, notes the announcement.

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