How to Generate Leads for SaaS Business?

How to Generate Leads for SaaS Business?

Businesses lay a lot of effort in developing their products and optimizing their operations. But to generate revenue, the most important issue that businesses need to take care of is selling the product. 

Even though the product quality and presentation is important, and so is the internal coherence of an organization, without proper sales, businesses fall apart no matter how much effort they put into improving their product or making their operations better. 

However, selling a product is never an easy affair. Gone are those days when flashy advertisements were enough to lure in customers. 

People before opting to buy a product consider several factors to decide whether it will be profitable and if the company providing the product is worth trusting or not.

As the products have changed with changing times and technology, so have the ways to generate leads. Leads are the people who demonstrate an interest in buying a product. 

They might enquire about the product through a phone call, or some online form or simply opt to purchase the product through the product website.

The development of SaaS-based products is an obvious example of technological developments.  

They have started taking the market by a storm and therefore more number of companies especially those involved in software development are showing interest in developing SaaS products. 

Let us discuss some ways and strategies of lead generation for a SaaS product.

1. Buyer Persona 

Before becoming aggressive in terms of putting advertisements and sales pitches, an important and rudimentary thing that any business needs to do is to recognize their prospective clients. 

For this purpose, it is important to design a general character who would be willing to buy your products or services. This fictitious character is the buyer persona whom businesses refer to as an average client. 

This is important as it gives an insight into the general interests of their clients, the problems that they face, their general buying behavior, and so on. 

Further, such information helps in reaching out to the clients and pitching the product. A SaaS business that serves multiple purposes may require multiple personas to work with.

2. Content and Blog Post

As SaaS products are website based, it is important to keep the website interactive. People don’t visit the website just to enter their billing information, they also tend to browse the website for content that would help them find tips and suggestions. 

Content is also an important way to improve the quality score for search engines from where people might discover the business in the first place. 

Making interactive interface, graphic content, and blog posts also make people mentally assured about the business will result in more conversion.

3. Digital marketing

Digital marketing is an essential way to reach out to the prospective audience in this age where people remain connected to the internet 24x7. The idea is to promote the content at locations where the traffic is huge to engage with. 

Businesses must have a presence on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, etc. where followers can be gathered by putting up interactive content. 

These followers have a high chance of converting into clients. Attractive campaigns can help grow the number of followers and with them the leads.

4. Online Advertisements

Apart from putting content in social media and interacting with the general public to find leads, there are services like and which are designed to launch advertisements to generate leads. 

The features of these Ads enable the user to target their advertisement campaigns to the demographic of their choice, or perhaps the locations which will be profitable to them and a lot more. 

The pay per click advertisement mode that they work on charges the advertiser for every click their advertisement gets and they make sure that the advertisements get clicks to make their money.

5. Attractive Offers

Offers have always been an effective way to bring in leads to any business and so is the case with SaaS businesses as well. 

SaaS businesses can provide several offers such as discount offers, free credits, or some other exclusive limited time-period opportunity to people. 

According to Neuro Web marketing, customers tend to wait for sales before buying a product. And this behavior adding to some other profitable opportunities for the customers will prove to be very compelling.

6. Partner with other SaaS companies

Partnering with other SaaS companies is a great way to bring in more leads. The collaboration can be done in terms of sharing a service feature or a tool with them, or simply a commission-based cross-sales collaboration. 

The partnership assures that the leads are of good quality as the incoming leads have a relatable mentality and expectations with that of a prospective customer.

7. Seminars

Seminars are quite effective in bringing people with a similar mentality and ambitions together. Seminars can be held physically or online. Webinars, as the term is for online seminars, have proven to be quite productive lately. 

Tutorials, developmental programs, and general meet-ups can be conducted and the product can be directly or indirectly pitched to the participants. 

About 20 to 40 percent of participants can be converted quickly, and therefore marketers find it to be appealing.

8. Make Mobile Friendly Site

Mobile phones are everywhere; every person owns a smartphone these days. People tend to read content and articles more through their mobile phones than their computers. 

Therefore, if someone comes across a reference to your SaaS website, there is a high chance that it happened on a phone. 

A mobile phone friendly website will ensure that an interested person has a comfortable browsing experience on his phone.

9. Click Pop-ups

Click pop-ups are different from other advertisements that pop up unexpectedly and seemingly intrude into the visitor’s peaceful browsing session. 

Click pop-ups appear when a campaign is clicked by the visitor purposefully. This ensures the visitor's genuine interest, and if the campaign is enticing enough, there is a great chance of a conversion.

10. Free Trials

Offering free trials to customers to use the platform for a limited time-period are amazing lead generation strategies. 

First of all, there is no hindrance in getting on-board, plus the customer gets accustomed to the service even before making the actual purchase. 

It also develops a trust factor and reliance on the SaaS application and all this at a very little cost per lead. 


Leads are driven by content quality and service quality. The better it looks, the better it sells. However, some extra effort needs to be laid to develop quality engagement with potential customers. 

The above strategies, along with a quality product, and a strong call to action will yield good results. Combining the strategies and finding the best suitable method is the way to go.

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