How cloud computing is helping businesses during the pandemic?

Cloud computing - A synonym to accessing data anytime, anywhere. 

With the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak and the announcement of social distancing, the world around faced the biggest dilemma, how to keep their business running?

Whether it was an educational institute or small business, opting for virtual classes or meetings was the only option left to maintain business continuity. Cloud computing technology acted as a savior for these businesses to help them survive the crisis of the pandemic. 

Remote project management, maintaining online education, entertaining people, or keeping everyone connected, this technology has played a vital role in each of these business aspects to meet the rise in demand. 

Moving further, let's have a look at the different areas where cloud computing helped businesses to improve and maintain operations during the lockdown.

Business aspects where cloud computing played a vital role in pandemic 

Manage the increased online business traffic 

As the world was under a social distancing order, the rate of online purchases has increased to a great extent. Here the business with the online presence that stored their information on traditional web-hosting has experienced a great downtime in comparison to the ones that stored it on the cloud. 

The cloud hosting solutions have a great capability to handle the drastic increase in traffic and allow a speedy transfer and access to the data to ease the business operations and handle the surge in the transactions.  

However, cloud solutions are equipped with features like data backup, recovery, and security features which help the business owners remain ready for such unforeseen situations and ensure a hassle-free business operation. 

Acted as an innovative factor for the healthcare industry

There is a huge amount of patient data that is being generated every second with the increasing cases of a deadly virus, cloud computing helps the healthcare industry to store this huge amount of data to help the researchers process it and obtain some productive outcomes. 

The shift of the data storage to the cloud helps reduce huge IT costs of the healthcare institutes that need to allocate different physical IT infrastructure and staff for data storage and management. Moreover the cloud computing ease data interoperability by its easy data and system integration. 

Above all, the biggest advantage of the cloud in the healthcare industry is that it acts as a great support for the Telemendine apps, an advanced healthcare solution that enables healthcare operations remotely. 

Cloud computing helped secured e-commerce 

Cloud storage is equipped with some great security features capable enough to deal with any cyberattacks that a business data could face. Complied with the strict security regulations, quality firewall, virus protection, or intrusion prevention, cloud servers are protected enough to handle DDoS, hacking, or any man in the middle attacks. 

Talking about the advantage of the cloud to the e-commerce industry, the cloud ensures safe transfer of user's data by a secured malware-free network connection and endpoint protection to enable safety against any credit or debit card theft. 

These security attributes acted as a great advantage for the e-commerce business holders to ensure a guarded shopping experience even after a humongous load of requests on the platform server. 

Helped businesses improve productivity

The not so new concept of remote working has seen a surge during the phase of coronavirus pandemic. As the world was keeping a distance from each other physically the need for people to remain connected virtually especially for work became essential. 

Cloud computing has acted as a significant resource to improve the productivity of the businesses and its employees by functioning as a backbone for telecommunication and remote working software like Zoom, Slack, TeamViewer, and Skype. With its remote access database facilities, business communication and media file transfers have become a very easy task and thus improvement is seen in the work coordination between the employees and their leaders. 

Moreover, the project management software like Basecamp and Trello that are used to streamline the project work process for the team to better understand their work is also available to the team irrespective of their location has made the business operations easier for the organizations. This all remote access and coordination only become possible due to cloud computing technology attached to them. 

Reduced cost and improved competitive advantage 

To run a full-fledged business, data is a very crucial aspect to be available as an when needed. Storing such huge data in an in-house physical server is not feasible in terms of both space and money. 

Implementing cloud-based solutions will cut down the business costs of investing in the physical storage and the man force involved in maintaining them along with the cost of networking equipment. As here all one needs is a reputed and well-secured CSP, a working device, and a smooth internet connection. 

Along with this the cloud-based service also helps the business to easily scale up or start its new sector without any investment for the database infrastructure as the same cloud servers will be accessible in the different branches to make an uplift in the business without installing data centers.These cloud storage can be easily added or removed as per the business requirement. 

In Summary 

Cloud computing is the core of the business world today. It isn't limited to easy data storage and access but now has opened doors for many businesses to leverage this technology to induce a new way of remote business operations.

Whether it's about writing, web designing, or online marketing or non-IT jobs like accounting, consulting or back-office work, cloud computing solutions have seamlessly worked out as a rescuer for each of the possible business streams to maintain their business operations while sitting at their homes during the tough time of crisis. 

From helping people to remain connected to solving business owner's questions on business continuity, cloud computing has thus acted as a boon for the world to keep them moving with an enhanced and redefined work environment and to adapt the new normal that the unexpected crisis has given to the world. 

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