COVID-19 to boost RPA adoption in U.S. Healthcare to nearly 50%

COVID-19 to boost RPA adoption U.S. Healthcare to nearly 50%

The outbreak of COVID-19 will speed up robotic process automation (RPA) adoption in U.S. Healthcare to 50%, notes the latest Gartner report.

RPA is an AI technology that can be helping healthcare delivery organizations. RPA technology converges user interface recognition technologies with workflow executions.

Today, AI technology plays a limited role in clinical or nonclinical processes and patient interaction. The current usages stand at less than 4%. Yet, it is possible that there could be a jump to 20% in AI technology usages with patient interaction by 2023, notes the report

Executive Opinion

Research Vice President, Dr. Anurag Gupta, Gartner, said, "Cost optimization is a consistently recurring theme among healthcare providers. The money that RPA saves by not having to spend as much on an unreformed process translates into cash that is available for front-end clinical functions, which is especially important while healthcare organizations combat the COVID-19 crisis."

He further added, "Even prior to the virus outbreak, 41% of healthcare provider CIOs experienced a funding shortfall, according to the 2020 Gartner CIO Survey. The early promise of RPA is to help reduce these operating cost pressures that sit on the top of healthcare provider CIOs’ list of challenges."

Virtual Assistants and AI Cloud Services

Virtual Assistants and AI Cloud Services will also contribute to health organizations' positive growth.

Healthcare providers can leverage cloud-based AI technology stack. AI technology can identify and predict the patient's needs before their condition deteriorates. The use of cloud-based AI as a service model can prove to be effective in curbing the costs while dealing with innovation in this area, notes the report.
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