Western Digital launches BiCS5 3D NAND Technology for AI, Connected Cars and Mobile devices

Western Digital launches BiCS5 3D NAND Technology for AI, Connected Cars and Mobile devices

Western Digital recently announced the launch of fifth-generation 3D NAND technology, BiCS5, for flash memory technologies.

Due to its high capacity, performance, and reliability, the BiCS5 technology is best suited for Artificial Intelligence, Connected cars and Mobile devices, notes the announcement.

Western Digital's BiCS5 technology leverages its 3D NAND technologies. Its use cases range from IoT devices, personal electronics, smartphones to the data centers.

Executive Opinion

Senior Vice President of memory technology and manufacturing at Western Digital, Dr. Steve Paak, said, "As we move into the next decade, a new approach to 3D NAND scaling is critical to continuing to meet the demands of the rising volume and velocity of data. Our successful production of BiCS5 is an illustration of Western Digital's ongoing leadership in flash memory technology and strong execution to our roadmap. By leveraging new advancements to our multi-tier memory hole technology to increase density laterally as well as adding more storage layers, we have significantly scaled the capacity and performance of our 3D NAND technology, while continuing to deliver the reliability and cost which our customers expect."

BiCS5 3D NAND Technology 

BiCS5 is built on triple-level-cell (TLC) and quad-level-cell (QLC) technologies. The company has already started the BiCS5 TLC in a 512-gigabit (Gb) chip production.

Additionally, BiCS5 will be available in 1.33 terabit (Tb) capacity. Improved 3D NAND cell enhancements and 112 layers of vertical memory capability allow 50 percent faster I/O performance compared to BiCS4 technology.

Western digital and Kioxia Corporation have jointly developed BiCS5 technologies. The manufacturing will be done at fabrication facilities in Yokkaichi in Mie Prefecture, Japan and Kitakami City, Iwate Prefecture, Japan, notes the announcement.

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