Google Cloud introduces a new Region in Seoul, South Korea

Google Cloud introduces a new Region in Seoul, South Korea

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) opened a new region in Seoul, South Korea.

This is GCP's first region in South Korea and eight in the Asia Pacific region. This new region will be available as asia-northeast3 at GCP, notes the announcement.

Executive Opinion

In the announcement, Geographic Expansion Product Manager, Google Cloud, Julia Broodney and Managing Director, Google Cloud, Asia Pacific, Rick Harshman, said, "South Korea is a digital powerhouse—a manufacturing giant with an emphasis on robotics and AI, a massive gaming market, and a leader in smartphone penetration. To better help our customers deliver digital services closer to this engaged market, we’re happy to announce that our new Google Cloud Platform (GCP) region in Seoul is officially open for business."

VP, AI Server Development, Samsung Electronics, Soobaek Jang, said, "Google Cloud’s flexibility and extensibility help us provide various services more reliably and economically. And now with Seoul as a region, we can have an even bigger impact."

GCP region in Seoul

According to the California-based tech giant Seoul region will offer standard services like Compute Engine, Google Kubernetes Engine, Bigtable, Spanner, and BigQuery etc. In South Korea, the newly introduced region will offer lower latency access to data and applications.

The hybrid cloud support is also enabled in the region with the help of GCP's regional partner ecosystem and multiple Dedicated Interconnect locations.

With addition of new Seoul Cloud region, GCP now has 21 region and 64 zones sprea in 16 countries across the world. Google Cloud further expand their region into Salt Lake City (USA), Las Vegas (USA), Jakarta (Indonesia) and Warsaw (Poland), notes the Google Cloud locations page.


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