Blockchain-powered social media platform Steemit to join TRON foundation

Blockchain-powered social media platform Steemit to join TRON foundation

Steemit recently announced its membership in the TRON foundation.

Founded in 2016, Steemit is a Blockchain-powered social media and blogging platform. To its users, Steemit pays in terms of STEEM cryptocurrency for posting content, commenting and upvoting operations, etc. The blockchain-powered social media platform has around 20 Million users.

TRON and Steemit developers are also collaborating to onboard Steemit and their Steem blockchain-based DApps to TRON blockchain, notes the announcement.

Executive Opinion

Founder of TRON and CEO of BitTorrent, Justin Sun, said, "We are very excited to welcome Steemit into the TRON ecosystem. Together we will usher in a new era of decentralized social networking.”

CEO, Chairman and Founder of Steemit, Ned Scott, Steemit is the original conception where forums meeting cryptocurrency was born -- where cryptocurrency could be distributed as easily as ‘likes’ and ‘upvotes’ and that maybe this would bring adoption and appreciation to the currency. From launching the platform in 2016 on a shoestring budget with an idealistic team to today, I’ve enjoyed the development of the platform and the growth of its user base — now I’m excited to see a strategic partner attempt to bring it to new heights.”

Steemit and TRON blockchain network

Steemit has one of the largest DApps among all blockchain networks. DApps include youtube like service, Instagram alternative APPICS, and fitness DApp Actifit.

Both organizations are working to move existing STEEM tokens to new TRON based STEEM token. The partnership brings total DApps count to 800 on the TRON blockchain network, notes the announcement.

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