HPE to provide the infrastructure to Zenuity for Autonomous Driving Systems

HPE to provide the infrastructure to Zenuity for Autonomous Driving Systems

Zenuity has selected Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) to provide artificial intelligence (AI) and high-performance computing (HPC) infrastructure for its next-generation autonomous driving (AD) systems.

Volvo Cars and Veoneer have jointly established Zenuity as a joint venture to develop software for self-driving cars (Autonomous Driving, AD) and driver-assisting technology (ADAS, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems).

Executive Opinion

Chief Executive Officer, HPE, Antonio Neri, said, "The paradigm shift we’ve seen in the past few years has been remarkable, with autonomous vehicles presenting the biggest opportunity we’ve seen in decades to disrupt and revolutionize the automotive industry. To meet this challenge, optimizing the convergence of HPC, data analytics and artificial intelligence is vital. As Zenuity leads this change, ensuring an ecosystem that supports this convergence, coupled with matching infrastructure across edge computing, storage, compute and services is vital. This kind of partnership will provide Zenuity with the innovation and flexibility to adapt as it grows and is exactly why we’re committed to offering everything as-a-Service to our customers."

Zenuity’s Chief Executive Officier, Dennis Nobelius, said, "These are the crucial building blocks of the autonomous driving cars of the future. HPE is providing us with the foundations upon which everything else is built. While many of those trying to be first to market in the AD industry are moving at pace towards deployment, our focus is on delivering solutions that are the most safe to market. Building our real-life safety benchmark is part of this goal and relies on our ability to deliver a world-leading software stack built upon reliable infrastructure."

HPE GreenLake Cloud infrastructure for Zenuity

HPE will provide core data processing services to Zenuity. These services will allow Zenuity to store and analyze large amounts of data. This data is collected from Zenuity's network of test vehicles and software development centers, as per the announcement.

This infrastructure will be made available through HPE GreenLake.  Last year, HPE introduced HPE GreenLake Hybrid Cloud, a managed cloud service to help customers manage their on-premise and off-premise clouds.

HPE Apollo systems, HPE ProLiant servers, and a high-performance parallel Lustre file-based storage solution are offered as an HPE GreenLake services, notes the announcement.

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