Binance invests in Blockchain startup Numbers

Binance invests in Numbers, an Open Data Framework Numbers Protocol
Binance recently announced an investment in Taiwan based Numbers. The investment details were not disclosed.

With a mission to create an open, transparent and traceable data system. Numbers has developed a blockchain protocol focused on data traceability and monetization. A fully open-source application that assures data traceability and digital evidence.

Executive opinion

Binance Strategy Officer, Gin Chao, said, "The Numbers team has strong technical backgrounds and expertise in building blockchain applications with practical use cases. We are happy to have Numbers as part of the Binance ecosystem. Numbers app is integrated with Binance Chain through Zion, a hardware-based key management system and offers the developer community easy access to use the Binance Chain and for hardware wallet protection, digital signature and so on."

Numbers co-CEO, Bofu Chen, said, "We want to help everyone to create traceable and trustworthy data through an open data framework. By trading such data, not only can individuals get a reasonable reward, but the society also benefits because we rebuild the trust and enhance the operational efficiency in the process. The investment from Binance will help us explore more use scenarios and accelerate technological and business development. We are also working to open the libraries we built for the developer community in 2020 so that more developers can leverage our work and use the Binance Chain with more ease."

More on Numbers' Framework

Numbers framework contains 3 main layers viz. infrastructure, data control, and applications.

Numbers SDKs leveraged mobile Apps create data with unique fingerprints. These fingerprints are generated using metadata, such as GPS location, timestamp, network provider, mobile model, etc. This fingerprint is registered onto the blockchain so it is immutable. Subsequent changes to the data are also logged to the blockchain. Further, the Verification platform utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to detect changes to the content and allow analysis near data origin.

Numbers has created an integrity assurance data framework. The company claims to be working with IBM, Stanford University, National Taiwan University and HTC Exodus (a blockchain-powered smartphone), notes the announcement.


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