Blockchain-Powered WeChat Mini Program for Diamonds Launched

Blockchain-Powered WeChat Mini Program for Diamonds Launched

Together, Alrosa, Tencent and Everledger launched Blockchain-powered WeChat Mini Program e-commerce solutions to Chinese retailers.

The newly introduced program allows the purchase of diamonds with full transparency of their origin, characteristics and ownership history.

ALROSA is a Russian company and claimed to be the world's largest producer of rough diamonds in carats with 26% of the global market.  Europe based Everledger leverages secure technologies, including blockchain, artificial intelligence, intelligent labeling and Internet of Things to converge business asset information. Tencent is well recognized due to its popular WeChat messaging app which is also a social media and e-commerce platform.

Executive Opinion

Founder and CEO of Everledger, Leanne Kemp, said, "This pioneering collaboration is exactly why we launched Everledger – and it shows how far we have come since our humble beginnings in 2015. Our blockchain and IoT solutions will enable key stakeholders in the jewellery industry to bring secure and reputable information to consumers in China and beyond. The WeChat Mini Program delivers on our scalable vision for more transparent, frictionless, and sustainable value chains, providing a new benchmark for customer focus and transparency in the diamond industry."

Head of 'Diamonds of Alrosa' (the company’s polishing branch), Pavel Vinikhin, said, "We are delighted to support this WeChat Mini Program with Everledger, as it reinforces our pursuit for sustainable mining and transparent supply chain information. Chinese consumers will be certain of the origin of their diamond. We believe demonstrating full provenance of our diamonds on the most popular social media platform will help us to further strengthen our sales base in China."

Blockchain-powered WeChat Mini Program

WeChat Mini Program brings transparent and secure diamond information to the billion users of WeChat, notes the announcement. The blockchain technology brings in-depth traceability for Alrosa's diamonds from mining to consumers directly.

The program will enable individuals to access diamond’s full provenance and unique certificate information and purchase those with  WeChat Pay. The ownership of the diamond will be also attested through the Everledger blockchain platform.

White label API for jewelry manufacturers and retailers in China to pitch their e-commerce proposition, notes the announcement.


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