Tableau brings AI capabilities to its Analytics Platform

Tableau brings AI capabilities to its Analytics Platform

Tableau announced the general availability of Explain data that brings a new set of AI capabilities to its analytics platform.

Founded in 2003, Seattle-based, Tableau is the leading provider of the analytics platform. The company was successfully IPO(ed) in 2013 and later acquired by Salesforce in an all-stock deal amounting to $15.7 billion in transaction.

Explain Data leverages sophisticated statistical algorithms. It analyzes available data and explains relevant factors for the given data point. Earlier, to derive the cause of data point, manual validation of explanations is required. This process was time-consuming and now automated at the click of a button, the announcement notes.

Executive Opinion

Chief Product Officer, Tableau, Francois Ajenstat, said, "With Explain Data, we're bringing the power of AI-driven analysis to everyone and making sophisticated statistical analysis more accessible so that, regardless of expertise, anyone can quickly and confidently uncover the 'Why?' behind their data. Explain Data will empower people to focus on the insights that matter and accelerate the time to action and business impact."

Global BI CoE Director, at JLL, Simon Beaumont, said, "Within JLL, thousands of employees use Tableau on a daily basis to help them see and understand their data. The evolution of self-service analytics is that people are empowered to ask even more questions of their data; going from intrigue to insight. We anticipate Explain Data will be a game changer that enables guided analytics and helps people to ask the right questions and uncover insights faster. Explain Data allows anyone, whatever their level of data knowledge, to explore their data and 'go beyond the number' to understand not only the what, but also the why – the true definition of democratizing data."

AI capabilities, NLP Functionality, and other Features

In Tableau 2019.3, anyone who selects data point in visualization and Bayesian statistical methods automatically evaluates hundreds of patterns and potential explanations across all the available data in seconds.

Expanding of NLP functionality, Ask Data, Tableau 2019.3 launched new connectors and also enhanced the security of new product features. Tableau also introduced new capabilities for data cataloging, server management, security and additional data connectors, the announcement notes.

Explain Data is available at no extra charge as part of Tableau 2019.3 release.


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