Fujitsu's AI Disaster Mitigation Technology to Predict River Flooding

Fujitsu's AI Disaster Mitigation Technology to Predict River Flooding

Fujitsu recently announced Technology based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create flooding predictions for rivers.

The mathematical models used to predict river flooding are developed with limited data on rainfall and water levels, the announcement notes. AI Technology helps disaster prevention authorities to take early preemptive action to mitigate damage due to flooding.

Generally, water level predictions are available for large rivers. Due to insufficient water level data and flow rate observation results, flooding predictions were difficult.

The announcement said, "Fujitsu and Fujitsu Laboratories have developed a mathematical model that can find optimal parameters when machine learning is used to train the model with past rainfall and water level data, creating functions based on the tank model concept, which expresses water discharge from a river basin within hydrology."

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AI model is capable of predicting future water levels. The prediction is based on rainfall and water level data along with forecasts data from various meteorological organizations for the next few hours transmitted to local governments. The AI model can be easily retrained using rainfall and water level data taken after any changes in the river environment or the introduction of new infrastructure.

Professor Akira Kawamura of Tokyo Metropolitan University confirmed that this technology can deliver equivalent or better accuracy compared to standard water level prediction methods using data such as flow rate observations.

Fujitsu and Fujitsu Laboratories will further enhance this technology with the help of field trials with local governments across Japan. A commercial solution is expected to be available during fiscal 2019, the announcement says.

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