MongoDB certifies Rackspace’s ObjectRocket Portfolio Offering as worldwide Database Cloud provider

MongoDB certifies Rackspace’s ObjectRocket Portfolio Offering as worldwide Database Cloud provider

Rackspace today announced that MongoDB has certified its ObjectRocket Portfolio Offering as worldwide database cloud provider of MongoDB.

MongoDB is leading NoSQL database. In 2018, DB-Engines has ranked the database as one of the most popular NoSQL aka document database. ObjectRocket delivers database-as-a-service (DBaaS) solutions for some of the most popular open-source database technologies. ObjectRocket is a portfolio company of Rackspace.

The certification places the ObjectRocket as one of the few cloud service providers to deliver total management and support for the MongoDB database. ObjectRocket will be in a position to raise defects and support issues with MongoDB on behalf of ObjectRocket's customers, notes the announcement.

Executive Opinion

ObjectRocket General Manager at Rackspace, Stephen Nolan, said, "In a landscape where customers need the right tool at the right time, we are confident that MongoDB will continue to be a strong complement to our customers’ ever-expanding suite of database technologies. Managed MongoDB is a key aspect of our offering and area of growth for us, and we are thrilled to have forged a strong partnership and mutually beneficial relationship with MongoDB through this certification."

SVP of Worldwide Partners, MongoDB, Alan Chhabra, "MongoDB is committed to giving customers the freedom to run MongoDB anywhere and that includes the Rackspace Cloud. We are very excited about the strategic expansion of our partnership that allows Rackspace’s ObjectRocket portfolio offering to deliver a fully certified and supported MongoDB-as-a-Service. Rackspace has been known for years for their fantastic customer support and we look forward to working with them to serve our joint customers."

MongoDB's certification of ObjectRocket

With the latest certification, customers of ObjectRocket will get up to date access to the latest features and updates to MongoDB along with database support.

MongoDB with their 4.2 version will add features such as distributed transactions, client-side field-level encryption, wildcard indexes, and on-demand materialized views. The customers of ObjectRocket are now able to take benefits of these latest features.

ObjectRocket currently supporting MongoDB features such as multi-document ACID transactions, aggregation pipeline type conversions, non-blocking secondary reads, extensions to change streams and 40 percent faster data migrations, says the announcement.

The announcement notes one of the ObjectRocket customers, Braze, with the requirement of processing 1.5 billion messages per day and Braze is currently partnering with ObjectRocket to meet their requirements.


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