Intel and Auto Industry Leaders Publish Framework for Self-Driving Vehicles

Intel and Auto Industry Leaders Publish Framework for Self-Driving Vehicles

Intel along with other eleven automotive leaders published a paper titled "Safety First for Automated Driving" (SaFAD).

The announcement claimed that the published paper is one of the largest reports on how to build, test and operate a safe automated vehicle. The paper lists 12 guiding principles for "Safety First for Automated Driving". Intel’s model for safer Automated Vehicles (AV) decision-making known as Responsibility-Sensitive Safety (RSS) serves as a foundation of this newly published paper.

Aptiv, Audi, Baidu, BMW, Continental, Daimler, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Here Technologies, Infineon and Volkswagen are the other 11 players contributed to the paper.

Executive Opinion

Intel senior principal engineer and vice president of Automated Vehicle Standards at Mobileye, an Intel company, Jack Weast, said, "Industry collaboration on the safety of automated vehicles is key to realizing a safe and responsible autonomous future. We are proud to have contributed to the groundbreaking work to establish a framework for introducing automated vehicles that are safe by design. We look forward to collaboration with additional industry partners on this comprehensive framework as well as on Intel’s RSS model."

Automated Vehicles and Artificial Intelligence

Existing standards do not address challenges associated with automated or autonomous driving systems. One of the challenges includes the safety assurance of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. Other factors that affect the safety of self-driving vehicles are human factors, psychology and the technological capability of the sensory devices notes the whitepaper.

The twelve (12) guiding principals listed in the published paper are the safe operation, operational design domain, vehicle operator-initiated handover, security, user responsibility, vehicle-initiated handover, interdependency between the vehicle operator and the automated system, safety assessment, data recording, passive safety, behaviour in traffic and safe layer.

The original paper can be downloaded here.


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