Accenture awarded Patent for Machine Learning module to select Quantum or Classical Computing

Accenture awarded Patent for Machine Learning module to select Quantum or Classical Computing

Accenture today announced that it has been granted a US patent for a "quantum computing machine learning module".

The patent describes a mechanism to train artificial intelligence (AI) models. These trained AI models further determine whether quantum computing or classical computing methods are best suited to handle computational tasks.

Executive Opinion

Senior managing director, Accenture Labs, Marc Carrel-Billiard, said, "Quantum computing has enormous potential, offering truly groundbreaking capabilities to rapidly solve businesses’ most difficult computational challenges. And determining when to employ quantum — as opposed to, or in tandem with classical computing — is critical to realizing this potential. Our latest patent in this area reflects our ongoing commitment to explore ways to apply the best technologies at the right times for our clients to achieve better business outcomes."

Accenture’s chief analytics officer and global head of Applied Intelligence, Athina Kanioura, said, "Clients look to Accenture to help drive innovation in their organizations, and we are committed to embracing this opportunity at every turn. Working to advance applications for AI has been a huge focus for our team, and quantum computing presents yet another avenue for how we can use AI to maximize value."

Quantum Computing and Machine learning

It is possible to use Quantum computing to solve complex business problems far many times faster than classical computing methods. Quantum computing leverages the properties of quantum physics to process multiple computing tasks in parallel.

On the other hand, machine learning algorithms learn from sufficient training data. ML or AI model refers to an artefact created out of this training process. Such AI models can be used to make predictions over new input data.

The announcement noted new patent as U.S. Patent No. 10,275,721 that describes a solution to address the tradeoff between the benefits of using quantum computing versus classical computing resources. The system helps decide when and how to utilize quantum computing for computational tasks in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Previously, Accenture was awarded a US patent for a "multi-state quantum optimization engine". The patent describes how quantum computing technology can be leveraged to help organizations optimize business decision making with efficiency and effectiveness.


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