Sequoia Holdings Launches Combine 6.0 for Amazon Web Services

Sequoia Holdings recently made the announcement about the next big release of the Combine platform with the launch of Combine 6.0 for Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The latest release Combine 6.0 enables companies to leverage cloud adoptions and application migrations for classified and Department of Defense “air-gapped” cloud region, says the announcement. Cloud adoption is enabled with the help of targeted automation and orchestration services.

Sequoia Holdings claims to be a leading provider of software engineering solutions working for the defence and intelligence communities. Sequoia has been offering its Combine Suite to the users as a highly secure and automated cloud adoption platform. The platform offers custom and cost-effective cloud orchestration services for government "air-gapped" classified regions. Combine suite currently supports AWS Secret and AWS Top Secret regions and also the Department of Defense community cloud regions.

Executive Opinion

Sequoia's chief technical officer, Stephen Mouring said, "Combine 6.0 for AWS is the most advanced release of the Combine platform. Our customers can now standardize and accelerate the development and integration of new technologies with speed, accuracy, and security."

CEO of Sequoia, T. Richard Stroupe, Jr. said, "Combine 6.0 offers companies the ability to develop and migrate software assets quickly, to deliver better business value, and to continuously improve performance for their mission-level partners. We're proud of the results we've achieved for existing users -- and are excited for the innovation and acceleration our latest release will provide to both new and existing customers."

Customer Benefits

Combine 6.0 for AWS allows the customers the liberty to manage their users. Further, the platform also helps with automated migration techniques and region-specific recommendations and error remediation, notes the announcement. Combine 6.0 empowers almost thousands of users and also drives an enterprise-level value for the U.S. government-sponsored organizations.

The announcement further stated that inclusion of a new improved version of compliance tools and reporting capabilities in the latest release. Additionally, it also includes proprietary targeted automation techniques that use artificial intelligence; and an enhanced user interface.


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