Security On-Demand Brings Artificial Intelligence & Behavior Analysis to Cyber Threat Detection

Security On-Demand Inc. (SOD) recently announced the availability of Version 5.1 of its ThreatWatch Platform. The platform is itself being used by the company to power its Advanced Threat and Log Analysis Service.

New enhancements have been made for the service provides customers which include the powerful new detection capabilities using Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, native integration with Azure, AWS, and Office 365, Internet of Things (IoT) use cases and major functionality upgrades to its client portal.

Executive Opinion

CEO of Security On-Demand, Peter Bybee, said, "We’re very excited to bring new detection capabilities into the marketplace to help detect unknown threats by integrating our behavioural analysis with new AI and current machine learning capabilities. Our AI and machine-learning based detection capabilities are a game changer, continuously analysing all our customer’s data, without data reduction, while eliminating the vast majority of false positive alerts that plague most organizations."

Customer Benefits

ThreatWatch 5.1 is a major platform release. It provides customers of SOD a window into SOD’s data that is not easily accessible. Also, customers get the opportunity to interactively drill into user and asset activity via a timeline analysis (timeline analysis provides details of logs, alerts, and associated events of interest). This is made possible by the User and Asset analytics views in the SOD client portal.

SOD has been making the heavy investment was made into research and development, announcement notes. This helps in advancing their Fifth Generation threat detection platform to find and respond to unknown threats while reducing the time it takes to discover unknown threats.

Version 5.1 ThreatWatch Platform

In the version 5.1 solution, SOD has offered native, API-based integration with Office 365, Azure, and AWS public cloud environments, which is meant to provide needed visibility for hybrid cloud environments.

In the platform upgrade, SOD has also included new behavioural use cases for the user, network and asset behaviour, these use cases come with an ability to monitor the behaviour of IoT devices. IoT threat detection is highly advantageous for the SOD as it may indicate them that the device which has been the subject of a compromise or malicious attack with the help of SOD’s behavioural analysis to identify deviations in device activity.

This update is available through its ecosystem of partners and managed solution providers only as  SOD only supports channel partner model. Their select partners network such as MSPs, carriers, cloud providers, and risk management consulting organizations continue to provide SOD's Managed Detection and Response (MDR) offerings, announcement notes.


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