Samsung looking at 6G, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Technologies

Samsung is looking at investments in sixth-generation mobile networks, system semiconductors, blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies, Bloomberg recently reported

In the report, Samsung's Vice Chairman Jay Y. Lee noted that the company is facing challenges due to the global environment causing pressure on the company's profits.

Executive Opinion

Bloomberg quoted Jay Y. Lee of VC of Samsung Electronics, saying that, “We should challenge ourselves with a resolution to make new foundations, moving beyond the scope of protecting our past achievements.”

Samsung’s Plans

Bloomberg quoted an emailed statement by Samsung, where it was noted discussions among company leaders on collaboration with platform companies on 6G mobile networks, blockchain technologies and artificial intelligence.

Maybe the rivals of the company (mainly Apple Inc. and Huawei Technologies Co.) led Lee in making this first ever public statement for 6G technology as these tech giants race to commercialize 5G network services, which launched in South Korea during the month of April.

Besides the executive’s guidance on investment plans for its system semiconductors, they have also reviewed and discussed the risk-response plans for Samsung’s chip business and challenges posed by structural changes in the technology industry notes the report.

It should be noted that 5G mobile network is yet to be rolled out across different geographies and only available in few countries across the globe. Also for the 6G network, there exist no technological standards yet.


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