Measure Protocol lists Results of Blockchain powered Pilot Program for Market Research

Measure Protocol lists Results of Blockchain powered Pilot Program for Market Research

Measure Protocol rolled out a pilot program to understand the application of blockchain technology in market research. The aim of the pilot program was to illustrate the overall technical workflow, demonstrate the transparency provided by the blockchain, and understand the user behaviours and attitudes in this environment.

This week, Measure Protocol published the key takeaways of this Blockchain powered pilot program for Market Research. This program involved partners from research agencies, brands and panels. The announcement noted the pilot partners like Nielsen, MMR, Kadence International, Incite Marketing Planning, Delvinia, Kantar Profiles, Hall & Partners and Future Thinking.

Executive Opinion

Global Consumer Insights Operations Leader at Nielsen, Justine Yorke, "Blockchain holds immense potential as the new age technology that could transform the data measurement and overall research industry ecosystem. We are delighted that the trial with Measure Protocol allowed us to see the potential of how blockchain technology can be utilized in survey research. We at Nielsen see a lot of potential in harnessing this cutting-edge technology for deploying in our survey research solutions."

Vice president of innovation, Kantar Profiles Division, Jon Puleston, said, "The pilot provided promising results that help establish the role of blockchain in market research. It highlighted the value of giving people more control and privacy over their personal data while providing the industry with unprecedented levels of transparency. This unique combination is valuable for addressing fraud and data quality in the industry."

Key takeaways from Blockchain powered Pilot Program for Market Research

The announcement listed results of this pilot program. Users are concerned about the Privacy of their data and Seventy-Seven per cent of respondent stated that they are ready to share more data if they have more transparency in their data usages. Other key takeaways include high user engagement, important Compensation and rewards for user's time commitments.

A select number of diverse consumers participated using the Measure MSR iOS app to engage in the program.

The announcement noted that the pilot program was four-week long. Consumers used Measure MSR iOS app to engage in the program. The program included 6500 Data jobs such as participating in surveys, completing profile requests, and enabling passive data sources, such as location and purchase history.


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