HERE Technologies joins the Uptane Alliance to ensure Automotive and IoT Security

HERE Technologies recently announced that it has joined the Uptane Alliance to ensure highest standards of automotive and IoT security.

HERE is a provider of Open Location Platform and cloud-based location platform services.

Uptane is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to conduct Uptane research, development and deploymentToyota is one of its prominent members of the alliance. Uptane is the only security framework which has the achievement of being discussed at a UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) level.

HERE OTA Connect

HERE provides HERE OTA Connect (Uptane-based OTA software management technology), to OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and enables the highly-secure remote exchange of software and data between cloud and cars.

HERE OTA Connect is also a part of HERE Open Location Platform which allows it to extend its support to other organizations, like those managing industrial machinery or smart home IoT, to thwart attacks by malicious actors. OEMs use HERE OTA Connect to update vehicles in the field and to maintain on-demand mobility cars. Utane is also integrated into on-premise or SaaS-based deployments of OTA Connect.

Executive Opinion

Member of the Board of Directors of Uptane Alliance and professor at New York University’s Tandon School of Engineering Justin Cappos said, "The automotive industry has realized that OTA updates are necessary for safety, security, and to reduce costs. Unfortunately, if not appropriately secured, software update systems are an attack vector that attackers can exploit. The Uptane Alliance brings together academic expertise about securing update systems and automotive industry domain knowledge to create a standard that will keep cars and other connected edge devices safe. Engineers from HERE Technologies’ OTA team have been working with the Uptane Alliance for a number of years, and we’re happy to welcome them as an official member.”

Lead Architect at HERE Technologies Jon Oster said, “The systems enabling software and data updates for cars, IoT and robotics need to be much more secure than they are today. In the auto industry, for example, national lawmakers and global organizations like the UN are obliging carmakers to maintain the highest levels of security and ensure that their vehicles are always running the best code. And it’s not just software: to move safely and efficiently, increasingly automated cars need frequently updated firmware, configuration files and map data. Uptane-based security approaches are a key part of the required data infrastructure and we look forward to continuing to support and further the goals of the Uptane Alliance.”

Working of Uptane Alliance

Uptane has basically built as an open source software update security system for the automotive industry and claims to be the first company ever to do so. The announcement also noted that Uptane's secure software update system is capable of resisting even attacks by nation-state level actors.

Uptane’s security software upgrade system cannot be degraded all at once. It has built a sequence of different levels of access to reach vehicles or the automaker’s infrastructure. The pros of building several levels are that even if the attacker compromises servers, bribes operators, or gains access to vehicular networks, he or she cannot cause many types of harms to that vehicle.

The Uptane Alliance is a non-profit organization which comes under the umbrella of IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Industry Standards and Technology Organization (IEEE/ISTO).


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