Dash Cryptocurrency comes to Augmented Reality

Dash Cryptocurrency comes to Augmented Reality

Dash and AirCoins have come together to power Cryptocurrency Treasure Hunt.

Aircoins is an Augmented Reality (AR) app. It promotes its augmented reality experience by rewarding its users in terms of cryptocurrency. Once AirCoins app is downloaded, users can hunt, collect and send Dash cryptocurrency worldwide alongside other Aircoins users in an AR environment, says the announcement.

Dash is one of the popular cryptocurrencies with market cap around USD $1.3 Billon. Dash sports an InstantSend feature which allows around 4,800+ retailers worldwide that accept Dash, cash out at one of the 700 ATMs, and available for trading around 90+ exchanges worldwide.

Executive Opinion

Business development manager LatAm of Dash Core Group, Ernesto Contreras, said, "As interest and adoption around AR and cryptocurrency continues to increase, merging the two through a fun game is an exciting step for both technologies. This partnership will allow Dash to reach new markets by allowing users to collect coins as they move around cities, and because they can now use that currency, this will open up a new engagement model and user experience. AR is poised for exceptional growth and together Dash and Aircoins are primed to engage users along that journey."

CEO, Aircoins, Emal Safi, said, "Aircoins is excited to integrate Dash digital cash and work strategically with the Dash Core Group. The Dash protocol is a perfect fit for retailers and cryptocurrency users because of its low transaction fees and InstantSend feature. Aircoins layers geolocation, gaming and augmented reality to make rewards and using Dash fun and convenient while providing an interactive experience. These innovations in technology create new payment and advertising opportunities as we drive foot traffic to retailers and merchants. Aircoins has created a vast network of users and blockchain assets that motivates to grow the decentralized economies and push for mass adoption."

Dash, Aircoins app and Augmented Reality

One of the features of AirCoins app is the random drop of cryptocurrency including Dash coins. By approaching closer to the coins using smartphones as an augmented reality tool, users can collect those coins. According to the announcement, New York, Amsterdam, Bangkok and Medellin are the four cities where Dash coin withdrawals will be possible.

The functionality of transferring Dash coins from AirCoins AR environment to Dash supported crypto wallet will be also made available. Aircoins App is available for download at the Google Play store and Apple AppStore.

The announcement noted that Aircoins users will be able to exchange other crypto coins with Dash cryptocurrency in the coming future.

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