Coinbase Crypto Debit Card out across Six European countries

Coinbase recently announced a VISA debit Coinbase Card is now available across six European countries. These European countries include Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Ireland, and the Netherlands.

Coinbase Card will be funded by the individual's Coinbase balance and will allow the customers of Coinbase to spend their crypto effortlessly.

Coinbase Card is a global initiative. It lets any customer who has a Coinbase account and is within a country listed above to spend their crypto instantly worldwide. After the launch of Coinbase Card in the UK, its users have been availing and spending their crypto just like they spend the money in their bank accounts. Coinbase Card is now being used by customers for everyday activities such as grocery shopping, cocktails and dinner dates. Coinbase Card has basically now become the go-to card in their customer’s wallets, claims the announcement.

Getting started

To start with you can download the iOS or Android app anytime (as per your mobile device) and securely sign in to your Coinbase account using the required credentials. When you’re signed in you can request for a Coinbase Card, after which you’ll join the waitlist.

Crypto balance from Coinbase account will be immediately available for use once the waitlist is closed. The in-app virtual card will be immediately available in the app, and a contactless Coinbase Card will be sent in the post, says the announcement.

Upcoming Features

The team at Coinbase is working day in and day out to make the Coinbase Card experience better than before. Coinbase in the blog post announcement also promised that in the coming future they’ll be introducing some new features and also will bring the card to more customers on a global level.

The Coinbase card will be issued by Paysafe Financial Services Limited.


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