FCA to use Samsung and Google Technologies for Connected Vehicles

FCA to use Samsung and Google Technologies for Connected Vehicles

FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) which is an Italian-American MNC and the world’s eighth largest automaker recently made a vital announcement. It stated that it will be using HARMAN (Samsung) and Google technologies to bring new on-board and off-board systems that will improve the connected life of FCA vehicle owners all over the globe.

Connected “Ecosystem” can manage your data

1. Off-board

Off-board Uconnect services will use HARMAN. Ever heard of HARMAN Ignite cloud? No, it can do much for your vehicle such as locating fuel or charging stations. Now, to do all this they also offer 4G network connectivity and even support the evolution to 5G. Plus, it also has the potential to connect to household devices via Samsung's "Smart Things" platform. Over-the-air software updates can be applied remotely to take advantage of the latest capabilities and software applications.

2. Onboard

Onboard Uconnect system will be the app-based based environment. It will be powered by “Android” operating system with an intuitive user interface. Android will offer the users innovation and will feature updates, like autonomous driving capabilities and other connected services, through a built-in cellular network.

Executive Opinion

During an event called ‘Leadership: Speak up and Dive in’ the President and CEO of HARMAN, Mr. Dinesh Palliwal said that "HARMAN Ignite and our award-winning OTA are essential ingredients of the future of connected cars and we are thrilled to partner with FCA on building their global ecosystem. With these new technologies, HARMAN and Samsung offer a whole new level of customized and personalized services benefitting OEMs like FCA, consumers and enterprises in the growing car share industry in an unprecedented way,"

"The modern, in-vehicle experience must be designed for seamless connectivity and digital content, and provide an integrated, but familiar experience for the on-the-go consumer. We are excited FCA will power its infotainment system with Android, providing its drivers with a reliable and rich environment ripe for app and content development." said Patrick Brady, Vice President of Engineering at Google.

"By selecting industry leaders such as Samsung and Google, we are making an efficient and responsible utilization of capital to provide advanced technological solutions to our customers worldwide. In collaboration with HARMAN - Samsung and Google, we have developed a flexible, easy-to-use and connected 'ecosystem' that not only deploys today's technology, but is also ready to integrate upcoming innovations." said Harald Wester, Chief Technical Officer, FCA.

Framed Auto Industry’s Future

This new connected ecosystem will also work on its FCA EVs(Electric Vehicles) with implementations being remote battery management, smart EV trip navigator and vehicle-to-grid services.

The connected ecosystem will also buttress the FCA Mobility Services portfolio, covering attributes like pay-by-the-mile options, usage-based vehicle insurance, short-, medium- and long-term vehicle rental and peer-to-peer car sharing solutions, such as U-Go system, latterly instigated by Leasys in Europe.

FCA will start to roll out in phases across the globe. First, during the second half of 2019 and span-new FCA vehicles will be connected by 2022.


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