AI-powered Blockchain Operative System is Launched

AI-powered Blockchain Operative System is Introduced

Ztudium launched a Blocksdna app touted as an AI powered Blockchain Operative System.

Founded in 2011, Ztudium notes in the announcement that Blocksdna allows organizations to leverage blockchain technology.

Ztudium analyzed customer engagements on mobile devices and found messaging and social media apps are the most popular ones when comes to user interactions. Blocksdna is trying to put these use cases from these apps into a single, easy-to-use white label technology solution.

Executive Opinion

Chief Executive Officer of Ztudium, Dinis Guarda, said, "The similarities between the development of blockchain/crypto and the Internet are quite evident to all of us. However Blockchain is not just crypto, effectively Blockchain is a technology that enables crypto. When we speak about Blockchain technology we cannot put it all in the same basket. Blockchain's architecture is large. Just as we speak about the internet as a holistic platform, we need to apply the same viewpoint to Blockchain tech."

Blocksdna's AI Powered Features

The AI powered Blockchain Operative System app, Blocksdna includes customized wallet allowing users to securely execute payments with Fiat and cryptocurrencies. The app also features an open marketplace and introduces an AI-based reward engine. The new AI enabled reward engine allows users to exchange reward points for money along with other application offerings.

The backend technology used by Blocksdna is a blockchain and claims its front-end can be customized based on client needs.

The announcement notes that the European AI Alliance also accepted Ztudium. In June 2018, European Commission formed a new High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence (AI HLEG) comprising of 52 experts from academia, civil society and industry. The AI HLEG drafted a detailed assessment for AI development and usages. The first draft of the pilot phase for the ethical guidelines for Artificial Intelligence (AI) development and its usages was made available last month.

The membership of the European AI Alliance enables Ztudium to give input and feedback to the AI HLEG, notes the announcement.

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