First Oil & Energy Security Token Offering (STO), ZiyenCoin is Launched

First Oil & Energy Security Token Offering (STO), ZiyenCoin is launched

Ziyen Inc announced the launch of Security Token Offering (STO), ZiyenCoin.

The Ziyen Inc, a Scottish American Oil, and Intelligence company claimed to be the first energy-focused digital currency that has filed under U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulation 506c Security Token Offering for ZiyenCoin.

In our quick search, we could locate sec filing by Ziyen Inc for their Security Token Offering  with Digital Token Name "ZiyenCoin"

Executive Opinion

ZiyenCoin Co-founder and Ziyen Inc. Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Alastair Caithness, said, "Major global industries are adopting blockchain technology and our goal at ZiyenCoin is to apply the same principles that banking giants such as JP Morgan & Chase, who recently launched JPMCoin and are now implementing to another key global industry, but we are focused on the oil and energy business.ZiyenCoin is the First Energy Security Token Offering (STO) under SEC Regulation. D, 506(c) and will only be available to accredited investors through it’s opening round of funding

More on ZiyenCoin

According to Ziyencoin website, Ziyen claims that ZiyenCoin is a fully trackable digital currency operating with blockchain supply chain management. The coin brings transactional certainty and efficiencies. The coin further removes market uncertainties and finance charges at every step in the supply chain and can result in bringing down the cost of oil and energy production. ZiyenCoin intends to cut around 3-5% annually in transaction costs across the $5 trillion worldwide energy sector.

Unlink BitCoin, ZiyenCoin is a structured digital token standardized against oil and energy. ZiyenCoin is only available to accredited investors, according to the announcement.


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