Huawei Cloud showcases Cloud Computing and AI Innovations

Huawei Cloud showcases Cloud and AI Innovations

Huawei unveiled its advanced cloud computing and AI solutions. Innovative products and practices in Cloud computing, AI, and Big data were also displayed at HUAWEI CLOUD Summit Singapore.

Huawei's cloud and AI solutions innovations spanned from high-performance chips, intelligent acceleration components, intelligent servers, ARM servers, AI computing platforms, and mobile data center (MDC).

Executive Opinion

President of HUAWEI CLOUD Asia Pacific, Roben Wang, said: "The organizations signing with us today are all leaders and pioneers in their respective industries. HUAWEI CLOUD will continue to work with them to build solutions oriented to the Asia Pacific market, catering to vertical industries. With about 20 years of development in Asia Pacific, Huawei has excellent local service teams and ecosystem, which give HUAWEI CLOUD the advantage in technical support and SLA assurance.  Huawei's cloud, AI, and 5G networking capabilities combine to help Singapore and other Asia-Pacific countries implement their smart country and digital strategies, building bridges between local and overseas enterprises, and safeguarding their business globalization."

HUAWEI CLOUD at the Singapore Summit signs MoU, PC: HUAWEI CLOUD

Partnerships for Cloud an AI innovation

Huawei introduced the high-precision facial recognition system, intelligent server management software, and AI development platform.

The latest announcement noted hardware innovations including liquid cooling cabinet, FusionServer Pro intelligent servers, TaiShan ARM servers, Atlas AI computing platform (200/300/500), intelligent acceleration components (SSDs and iNICs), Huawei-developed high-performance AI chip Ascend 310, and high-performance ARM chip Kunpeng 920.

Huawei also introduced its HUAWEI CLOUD Batch OCR service capable of scanning files in batches geared towards financial reimbursement and file data entry. With 99% accuracy, Huawei claims that its OCR service also supports ID cards, driving licenses, and passports in multiple Southeast Asia languages.

Partnering with 9F Group, Insurgrab, and F5, Huawei cloud showcased financial data products, risk control engines, and Internet insurance utilities that leverage cloud computing and AI technologies.

With Cloud Pick partnership, Huawei cloud displayed unmanned store, cashier-less solution, and mobile payment. YITU and Huawei cloud demoed the smart campus employee and visitor management solution. Also, Huawei's tie-up with Zuolin and Closeli displayed a home video surveillance solution.

Along with these Huawei also demonstrated online blended learning, teaching & training cloud platform with the help from Bamboo System Tech and ULearning Technology International, notes the announcement. The developers can also preprocess, label, train, build and deploy data models on the Huawei Cloud ModelArts one-stop AI development platform.

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