World's First Blockchain Television (TV) is Announced

World's First Blockchain Television (TV) is Announced

ioeX and Think Smart sub-brand QUUBE partnered to announce the World's First Blockchain TV called QuuMoney TV with Decentralized Applications.

Founded in 2018, Irvine, California based QUUBE is a digital platform that consolidates a user’s IoT devices into one mesh distributed network. Quube will be natively deployed in television sets and cross-platformed to mobile and PC.

ioeX is Taiwanese startup that forms a distributed network of smart devices. It uses Elastos carrier and builds decentralized, point-to-point transfer applications such as private cloud storage (X-Cloud), private messaging (X-Talk), and distributed cloud backup and content searching through the ioeX Network (X-Searching)

QuuMoney TV will be based on Android (9.0) TV Platform. It will provide decentralized, point-to-point communications and applications. Users are incentivized by awarding Quu Coin (QUUBE) in exchange for watching programs on QuuMoney TV. Additionally, users can also earn IOEX tokens upon their contribution to the ioeX network.

Executive Opinion

ioeX founder and Chief Executive Officer, Aryan Hung stated, "Our partnership with QUUBE will help ioeX to accumulate additional experience, abilities and the energy required for building smart lifestyles. We expect to truly integrate blockchain technology into daily life in a way undetectable to users so that the true value of blockchain can be presented."

Chief Executive Officer at QUUBE, Richard Houng stated, "QUUBE and ioeX will release the world's first TV with blockchain applications in August 2019 throughout the U.S. market. I'm very confident in the strong technical abilities of the team at ioeX and I look forward to the results of this partnership."

More of QuuMoney TV

QuuMoney TV is a series of blockchain enabled TV and it will include functions such as QuuShare which enable users to use QuuMoney TV as a private cloud for remote data access and backup, a chat application called QuuChat to allow private chat without any intermediaries using decentralized network and finally a QuuMoney TV function will help create a platform to watch and share user-generated content on television, the announcement noted further.

ioeX will implement DID functions of Elastos into the QuuMoney TV series of products and extend their support development, updates, and upgrades to QUUBE TV. The company will develop smart decentralized applications for QUUBE TV.

Through strategic partnerships, ioeX plans to brings decentralized mechanisms to traditional functions and effectively scale networks through the sale of branded products, notes the announcement.

The product will use JVC smart TV which will be loaded with QUUBE software. The launch is slated to the second half of 2019.


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