Mirror Identity Blockchain, Usechain Mainnet Alpha is Now Live

Usechain (USE) announced it's Alpha mainnet is now live. In last October 2018, Usechain launched its public blockchain testing network ("testnet") called Moonet.

The announcement noted that Usechain wants to be the NO.1 public blockchain in the world in Mirror Identity area, and the network is designed to be legally compliant with the regulation, said Huining Cao in an interview to CNBC Africa's Ran Neuner. Usechain has the ultimate goal of building a "Wall Street on-chain".

Usechain plans to introduce lightning network kind of channel to scale to one billion users. The blockchain also supports sub-chain technologies.

Executive Opinion

Founder of Usechain, Professor Cao, said, "We map each person to the blockchain using Mirror Identity Protocol(MIP), so that each person can only have one account on the blockchain, there is a one-to-one correspondence. This allows us to use new consensus algorithm call Randomized Proof of Work(RPOW). Using RPOW, each account will receive a random number and this random number will be compared to a public random number to determine the likelihood of them to mine the next block. In this way, it will be very fast and energy efficient."

Usechain Applications & Business

Usechain has been working on distributed applications (DAPP) development apart from the public blockchain development and the team has developed lottos and games, futures contracts, derivatives, and prediction markets using volume as part of the parameter.

The announcement said that Usechain is working with diners, hotels, vineyards, tourist resorts, and insurance companies for their marketing with tokens. Usechain also has USE payment and claims that its USE payment is well accepted in Usechain ecosystem merchants.

Regulations and Compliance

To be legally compliant with regulation and provide financial services, Usechain supports Mirror Identity Protocol(MIP) to allow one-to-one mapping of account for each user. The Randomized Proof of Work(RPOW) allows each account to receive a random number. This random number will be compared to a public random number to determine the likelihood of them to mine the next block.

The announcement noted that Usechain committee is equipped with multiple signatures to have access to the ID information and have the person in check on the basis of Mirror Identity Protocol(MIP). This is required in case the user commits a crime such as tax evasion, terrorist funding, or money laundering, etc.

Usechain also said that they also deal with user privacy with the help of multiple signatures. Usechain network operations can be viewed via their blockchain browser.


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