TimescaleDB Now available on Microsoft Azure for IoT and Time-Series Workloads

TimescaleDB Now available on Microsoft Azure for IoT and Time-Series Workloads

Timescale announced this week their partnership with Microsoft Azure to make TimescaleDB on Azure Database for PostgreSQL.

Timescale is the company behind TimescaleDB, the first open-source time-series database to scale for fast ingest and complex queries while natively supporting full SQL.

As a part of the partnership, the users of Microsoft Azure will able to deploy fully-managed, production-ready instances of TimescaleDB’s open-source offering on Azure.

Azure Database for PostgreSQL is a fully managed and scalable database service in the cloud. IoT uses cases have been popular with TimescaleDB due to a large amount of data IoT devices generate. TimescaleDB deals with challenges faced by IoT implementations in using time-series data, scale time-series workload and operate data infrastructure seamlessly from the cloud to the edge.

Executive Opinion

Co-Founder & CEO, Timescale, Ajay Kulkarni, "We recognize that many of our users are modernizing their existing data infrastructure or building new IoT applications, and many of them want to do this in the cloud. TimescaleDB is designed for scale, flexibility, and reliability, and enables organizations to leverage the SQL open standard to take full advantage of their time-series data. By deploying TimescaleDB on Azure PostgreSQL, customers can finally work with time-series data without needing to worry about the operational headaches of managing a database themselves."

Principal Group Program Manager, Microsoft Azure SQL Engineering, "At Microsoft, we are committed to offer our customers the best technologies available to build and host applications successfully on the Azure platform. Azure Database for PostgreSQL offers developers a fully managed, enterprise-ready database service, built using the community edition of PostgreSQL. We are glad that we can now enable our customers to continue to use PostgreSQL while taking advantage of TimescaleDB’s scale and flexibility to build applications faster on top of their time-series and IoT data.”

TimescaleDB on Microsoft Azure

TimescaleDB built on the SQL open standard, unifies time-series, relational, and geospatial data in a single database system that is scalable, faster, and easier to use than vanilla PostgreSQL.

With TimescaleDB, IoT applications can be developed faster and more reliably, while future-proofing them by building atop the rock-solid reliability of PostgreSQL.

According to the blog post by Timescale CEO, Ajay Kulkarni, TimescaleDB performs better while inserting one billion records over time as a compared to native Azure Database for PostgreSQL.

With Azure PostgreSQL with TimescaleDB, the customer can perform faster time-series data manipulation, see faster queries, and achieve 10-20x higher insert rates, notes the announcement.


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