Microsoft Introduces AI Business School, to Address needs of Business Leaders

Microsoft Introduces AI Business School, to Address needs of Business Leaders

Microsoft today announced the launch of its AI business school focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategy, culture and responsibility.

This free AI online course is a master class series targetted towards business leaders to lead with confidence in the age of AI.

Some of the world’s fastest growing companies are more than twice as likely to be actively implementing AI as other lower-growth companies, finds the latest study by Microsoft.

In another survey by CSS Insights, it was observed that more than 50 percent of the companies surveyed either researching, trialing or implementing specific projects with AI and machine learning. But these firms are neither using AI in their organizations to identify business opportunities nor addressing problems that AI can solve.

Executive Opinion

Corporate Vice President for Artificial Intelligence (AI) marketing at Microsoft, Mitra Azizirad, said, “There is a gap between what people want to do and the reality of what is going on in their organizations today, and the reality of whether their organization is ready," and further adds, "This school is a deep dive into how you develop a strategy and identify blockers before they happen in the implementation of AI in your organization.”

More on  Microsoft's AI courses

Microsoft already provides Artificial Intelligence (AI) educational programs,
  1. Microsoft Professional Program for Artificial Intelligence,
  2. AI school 
The newly launched AI Business School course will complement the above AI programs. The course materials include quick and short case studies, guides, videos lectures, perspectives and talks, all are geared towards busy executives. The majority of content focused on the impact of AI on company strategy, culture and responsibility, notes the announcement.

INSEAD and Microsoft have tied up to build the AI Business School’s strategy module. This module addresses case studies involving companies that used AI to transform their businesses. The other culture and responsibility modules focus on data to explain how the data of an organization is going to be used to get desired results and implications of responsible AI & their deployments.


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