IoTrust Introduces World's First Crypto Hardware Wallet for ERC-721, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)

IoTrust Introduces World's First Crypto Hardware Wallet for ERC-721, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)

IoTrust revealed of D'CENT hardware crypto wallet, claiming to be the world's first crypto hardware wallet for ERC-721, non-fungible (NFT) the tokens.

IoTrust is in the business of providing security solution services to ensure trust and secure connectivity for the Internet of Things.

ERC-721 is open standard helps in building non-fungible or unique tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. All ERC-721 tokens are unique. NFT is an irreplaceable token with the distinguishable element. This helps in creating unique goods such as CryptoKitties.

In February 2019, the company introduced its wallet app for both Android and iOS platforms that work with the D'CENT hardware wallet via Bluetooth. As D'CENT supports ERC-721 standard, tokenized game items such as CryptoKitties can be stored inside the wallet.

Executive Opinion

Chief Executive Officer of D'CENT, IoTrust, Sangsu Baek, said, "We have yet to see in the current market, a cold wallet that can support ERC-721-based tokens. We look forward to much interest and participation from dApp Games."

Features of D'CENT hardware crypto wallet

The company noted that its D'CENT hardware crypto wallet is the most reliable way to secure digital assets and features the multi-IC (Integrated Chipset) architecture along with tamper-proof secure element (EAL5+) to provide the strongest protection for privacy and private key. The D’CENT crypto wallet generates private key directly from the device without connecting to an additional software program.

The user can create up-to 20 cryptocurrency accounts with multi-cryptocurrency support including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monacoin, Ripple, and ERC-20 with other coins to be included in the future. In addition, the crypto wallet has an inbuilt fingerprint scanner which improves its convenience and provides enhanced security for access control and fast transaction signing. Trusted Display of 128x128 pixel allows a fully comprehensive view of your transaction details and accounts according to the announcement and D’CENT website.

Additionally, the device also embeds Secure OS for an additional layer of encrypted protection along with the ability to generate a QR code on its display so that users can perform faster peer to peer transaction without any connection to the wallet app, notes the announcement.

The D'CENT hardware crypto wallet features 4-way directional buttons to allow faster operation and accurate user input.

The announcement said that the company will conduct a GIVEAWAY event to support blockchain projects. Applications can be made through the company's official website from March 18th until March 29th (midnight KST). D'CENT plans to provide each winner with 50 pieces of card wallets custom printed with the winner's own design.

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