GridGain Community Edition makes Apache Ignite Production Ready

GridGain Community Edition makes Apache Ignite Production Ready

GridGain Systems released GridGain Community Edition (GCE) making production-ready Apache Ignite available to the public.

Apache Ignite is a memory-centric distributed database, caching, and processing platform originally contributed to the Apache Software Foundation by GridGain Systems. It can be used for transactional, analytical, and streaming workloads delivering in-memory performance at petabyte scale.

The GridGain Systems provides an in-memory computing platform helps in scaling out data-intensive applications across a distributed computing architecture that includes in-memory data grid, in-memory database, streaming analytics, and integrated machine and deep learning capabilities. In memory computing platform delivering real-time application performance and massive scalability.  It does so by creating a copy of data from disk into memory, popularly known as RAM.

Apache Ignite is open source in-memory computing platform contributed to the Apache Software Foundation by GridGain Systems. GridGain Systems' Community Edition, Enterprise Edition, and Ultimate Edition are built on Apache Ignite.

Rapid digital transformation, Internet of things, other data-intensive use cases generate huge amounts of data. Such data need to be ingested, processed, analyzed and users need to take the required action as quickly as possible. These operations require top-notch performance, that in-memory computing platforms can provide.

Executive Opinion

President and CEO of GridGain, Abe Kleinfeld, said, "GridGain continues to ‘push the envelope’ by delivering extremely high-performance solutions that help companies scale their data-intensive applications in cost-effective ways. GridGain Community Edition, available as a free download from, enables companies around the world to achieve their digital transformation goals and gain the competitive advantage of the real-time business."

GridGain Community Edition

The GridGain Community Edition (GCE) can be used between applications and data layers. It can be deployed on-premises or private cloud, on a public cloud, in a hybrid environment. It can be also deployed as an in-memory database.

GridGain Systems is ensuring that Apache Ignite is available for production-ready deployments.
The GridGain Community Edition (GCE) brings patches and updates to Apache Ignite code base much faster than the normal Ignite release cycle, according to the announcement. GCE also introduces new features, enhancements and QA tested bits to ensure the highest possible performance, reliability, and manageability.

GridGain Systems made GCE is available under the GridGain Community Edition License.

Also note that back in 2018, GridGain Systems also introduced its the beta version of GridGain Cloud, the only in-memory cache-as-a-service.

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