Domo Launches its Domo Integration Cloud

Domo Launches its Domo Integration Cloud

Domo recently announced their Domo Integration Cloud, an Integrated Platform as a Service solution (iPaaS).

Domo is the leading cloud-based operating system for business. This newly launched iPaaS solution simplifies, secures and helps in managing both, an organization’s entire data ecosystem and the implementation.

Domo has packaged its back-end data integration and management features with new tools into Domo Integration Cloud offering. The iPaaS solution supports more than 600 plug-and-play cloud connectors and uses federated queries for secure integration and bi-directional data exchange, live cache, and data transformation in on-premises or hybrid cloud environments.

Visual integration flows are used to cleanse, join, and transform the data. The access is to this data is securely managed with the help of Domo’s data governance tools.

Executive Opinion

Chief strategy officer of Domo, Jay Heglar, said, "In today’s environment, a company can no longer look at a single data source and get a true understanding of its business. Most organizations have dozens to hundreds of data sources that need to be brought together to get a complete picture, yet, to date, there hasn’t been a single solution to address this problem. Domo’s Integration Cloud is the first unified solution to bring together data from across an organization into a securely managed platform, while comprehensively addressing data integration, access, and governance."

More of Integrated Cloud Offering

Domo noted that one of its pharmaceutical industry customers was able to leverage the extensive Domo connector library in conjunction with Domo’s ETL, data science and write-back capabilities, to integrate disparate systems in hours instead of months, while eliminating the overhead of maintaining complex connections to multiple systems.

Domo Integration Cloud offers now also offers an API manager and a third-party developer kit to build custom data connectors. The platform offerings also include Domo’s new Integration Studio, data science tiles, and Domo’s Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) Driver.

In December 2018, Domo platform launched its Data Science Suite that offers in-product functionality with new R and Python scripting action tiles and data science action tiles. The Data Science Action Tiles address data science functions including classification, clustering, forecasting, multivariate outliers, outlier detection, and predictions. These functions provide insights to decision makers.

The announcement claimed that the Domo Integration Cloud provides rapid time to value.


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