CLIC Technology announces CryptoCurrency Web Wallet

CLIC Technology announces CryptoCurrency Web Wallet

CLIC Technology has announced that it will launch its next Generation crypto web wallet.
The newly announced cryptocurrency web wallet will help consumers to utilize and replenish cryptocurrency for purchases.

CLIC Technology is a fintech company, headquartered in Miami, Florida. The company created "crypto-payment gateway system" to allow consumers to use cryptocurrency to make routine purchases online and that enables merchants to accept crypto payments and receive immediate settlements in traditional fiat currencies.

The Global Market Insights report published in January 2019, predicted that the mobile wallet market will grow to USD 100 billion in 2017 to USD 250 billion by 2024.

Executive Opinion

CLIC Technology CEO Roman Bond, said, "Speed and security are not just what consumers demand; it's what companies need to close sales, increase revenues and keep shareholders happy. Both our crypto-payment processor and CLIC Wallet will unlock additional revenue potential for businesses providing both the merchant and consumer with trusted tools in making seamless everyday transactions."

Features of CLIC Crypto web wallet

With CLIC Wallet, users can ]store, send, and receive crypto funds instantly to and from virtually any e-wallet. The wallet boasts intuitive user experience with secure blockchain storage. Users can now make purchases or receiving settlements when a merchant's system is integrated with the company's crypto-payment processor, notes the announcement.

Once the crypto web wallet is fully developed and launched, users can use their wallets for purchasing everyday items by buying and selling currency like Bitcoin directly from the CLIC Wallet. CLIC's crypto wallet claims to have the lowest transactions fees in the industry.

The company website also listed its upcoming support for iOS and Android apps. The same website lists support for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and ERC20 USDC tokens.

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