Blockchain & IoT startup XYO to Provide Push-Button Geospatial Blockchain Apps at Microsoft Azure

Blockchain & IoT startup XYO to Provide Push-Button Geospatial Blockchain Apps at Microsoft Azure

XYO has partnered with Microsoft to provide Geospatial decentralized blockchain apps on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

XYO has developed trusted IoT technology to connect the digital world to the real physical world by synthesizing location data from internet-connected devices like mobile phones, smart cars, smart appliances. The company offers the world’s first geospatial blockchain network, XYO Network, backed with cryptography and claims to compete with GPS network. XYO network has 1 million location verifying beacons around the world.

The partnership with Microsoft Azure will help XYO to make required resources available for the purpose of development, testing, and production of decentralized blockchain apps. XYO plans to offer developers with necessary tools and libraries to leverage Microsoft's wide array of services such as IoT services, data services, and computer services etc. Once geospatial blockchain apps and services are made available at Microsoft Azure’s Marketplace, developers can build and deploy their own geospatial blockchain applications, said the announcement.

Executive Opinion

Architect and Co-Founder of XYO, Arie Trouw, said, "We’re very excited to announce our partnership with MicrosoftMicrosoft’s network will enable us to make our blockchain-based IoT nodes integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Azure-based applications, ensuring that our solutions reach one of the largest customer bases and marketplaces in the industry."

More on XYO's partnership with Microsoft Azure

Microsoft's Partner Network enables technology companies to increase and create business value directly related to the Microsoft technology ecosystem.

The announcement further said that as a part of the partnership, XYO will create push-button smart contract services, Internet of Things (IoT) beacons and blockchain-based network available on Microsoft Azure. XYO will leverage Microsoft’s “Go-To-Market Services” and technical advisors.

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