Secure Istio Service Mesh in your Cloud with Twistlock's Istio Compliance Checks

Secure Istio Service Mesh with Twistlock's Istio Compliance Checks

Twistlock announced the release of its Twistlock Istio Compliance Checks.

Twistlock provides automated and scalable cloud security platform that is purpose-built for containers, serverless and other cloud technologies.

The latest announcement about Twistlock Istio Compliance Checks highlights the company's efforts to help organizations deploy and run the popular Istio service mesh in a secure fashion.

Istio makes it easy to manage the cloud environment by providing capabilities like traffic management, policy enforcement, and telemetry collection. It does so by creating a service mesh.

A service mesh is a software-defined part of an infrastructure that allows a network of microservices to communicate with each other.  Service mesh uses a small and specialized proxy server called sidecar to lookup the address of any other services within the same environment.

Twistlock also authored compliance implementation guides for standards such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and NIST SP 800-53. Twistlock CTO John Morello also authored the first official advisory on container security from NIST, SP 800-190. Additionally, the announcement also noted that Twistlock Labs security research team was responsible for 14 CVEs related to cloud-native technologies.

Executive opinion

Twistlock Chief Technology Officer (CTO,) John Morello. said, "Since Istio's 0.1 release in May 2017, we've seen many of our customers deploy it to manage their microservices by publicly releasing our first set of Istio Compliance Checks, along with a detailed implementation guide, Twistlock is helping Istio users trust that their service mesh is deployed securely and protected from threats."

Istio Compliance Checks and Standards

In addition to the checks themselves, Twistlock has also released a detailed guide to security for Istio and other service mesh technologies, including detailed instructions on how to implement compliance best practices.

The Istio Compliance standards for the Istio service mesh are available at Twistlock website.

The release of the Twistlock Istio Compliance Checks continues its leadership of standards for cloud-native security, the announcement said.


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